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Daniel Sturridge Might Get Banned For Betting Breaches

By admin / July 23, 2019

The Football Association (FA) is planning to appeal against Daniel Sturridge’s 6-week suspension, as well as a £75,000 fine for his breach of betting rules from sports betting sites Australia, Sturridge, a former Liverpool striker, was found guilty of giving his brother some inside information. The information was about a possible move to Sevilla. Sturridge […]


How to Draft Smart This Fantasy Football Season

By admin / June 15, 2019

Fantasy football is more than a simple hobby. This is where friendly rivalries are made or broken, and the arena in which you can lord your superior football knowledge over your friends and coworkers for the next year. While we tend to think of this as a modern invention, fantasy football was actually conceived in […]


The Technology Behind Online Gaming

By admin / May 28, 2019

When you’re playing an online game the last thing you should be thinking about is the technology that allows you to do so. The objective, after all, is a smooth, glitch-free playing experience, so that you become completely engrossed in the game itself. You only notice the technology when something goes wrong, and that’s why […]


Ian Weisberg – Best Rappers of All Time

By admin / February 28, 2019

I have been getting back into vinyl in the last couple of years and I was actually inspired to dig out the old records by my neighbor Ian Weisberg. Ian is a doctor and he says that the only way in which he can switch off at the end of a tough day is to […]


How to Write a Professional Essay about Your Hobby

By admin / February 18, 2019

When you receive an assignment to write an essay about your hobby it looks like apiece of cake. It is an essay about you, it is an essay about something you like and know about — what not to like about it? We can’t argue, it is a rather pleasant task, but it has some […]


How to Make Your Jewellery Last Longer

By admin / January 13, 2019

  If you are into collecting different kinds of jewellery, you know very well that these fancy things cost a lot of money. And part of your responsibility as the owner is to make them last longer. Whether the pieces in your collection are real or just costume jewellery, they all deserve to be cleaned […]


Unexpected Benefits of Using CBD Oil

By admin / December 12, 2018

CBD oil or cannabidiol is becoming increasingly popular due to its health benefits. The oil can help treat various ailments. Cannabidiol is one of the several compounds in the marijuana plant. It is safe because it is a marijuana extract, but it does not have the psychoactive part of weed, the THC. Therefore, if you […]


London 2019: Festivals You Need To Go To

By admin / November 22, 2018

London is one of those cities that you just can’t get enough of. No matter what time of year you visit, there is always something going on that will make you fall in love with the city just a little bit more. So, whether you have a trip planned already and are putting the finishing […]


5 Automotive Photography Tips to Shoot Like the Luxury Brands

By admin / November 13, 2018

We live in a time where anyone can look like a professional… as long as they have the right tools. The regular Joe next door just got his first Instagram sponsorship and your coworker’s small business looks about as polished as a Fortune 500. So why can’t you join in on the action with your […]


Winter Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

By admin / November 9, 2018

There is little that can keep diehard motorcycle riding fans from mounting up on their bikes and going for a joy ride. But hazardous winter weather such as snow, sleet, and ice can keep even the most enthusiastic riders from taking their motorbikes out. If you’re tempted to give riding in the winter a whirl, […]

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