Why Playing Golf is a Great Hobby to Take Up

By admin / January 25, 2021

In 2019, at least 34.2 million people played golf. These golfers played on courses, at driving ranges, and at golf simulators.

Golf isn’t showing any signs of losing popularity either. In fact, millions of new players take up the sport every year.

But with it’s fancy equipment, clothing, and exclusive courses, it can feel out of reach to some people.

The truth is, golf is a fun sport that anyone can enjoy. Read on to find out why playing golf should become your new pastime.

It’s Good Exercise

While golf is a relaxing sport for people of all ages, it’s still a good source of exercise. Playing golf will strengthen your muscles and get your heart pumping.

When you play golf, you have the option to use a cart or walk the course. If you choose to walk, you’ll get plenty of light cardio while carrying your golf bag to the next hole.

You’ll also work your entire body as you swing the club, although learning golf swing basics is important to ensure that you don’t injure yourself. If you need to look for your ball, you’ll get in some extra steps too.

It’s a Reason to Spend Time Outdoors

If you have an office job, there’s a good chance you don’t spend enough time outside. Being outdoors can boost our mood, supply us with fresh air, and give us some much needed perspective.

That said, it can be difficult to go outside for its own sake. Something more important always seems to come up. That’s where deciding to play a round of golf can be helpful.

Once you book a tee time, you’ll have a reason to get some fresh air in the great outdoors. Your mind and body will thank you.

It’s a Fun Social Activity

Meeting up with friends at a local restaurant is a comfortable standby. But, it’s always fun to switch it up. You can call up a few friends to play some golf.

Many people golf in foursomes for some friendly competition and social time. It takes at least a few hours to play 18 holes, so you’ll have plenty of time to hang out with your friends.

Just remember to keep it down while someone is taking a swing.

It’s Challenging

No one ever said golf was easy! Even the best golf player has a bad shot now and again. That’s why improving your golf skills is so rewarding.

There’s a reason why everyone from 6-year-olds to 86-year-olds play golf—there’s always room to improve. That’s right, you can play for decades and still find new things to learn.

If you’d like to try golfing for the first time, start at a driving range. As your swing improves, you can hit the course with a more experienced golfer to guide you.

Turn Playing Golf Into Your New Hobby

Playing golf is not only a great way to socialize with friends in the great outdoors, it’s also good exercise. Golfing can be a fun pastime that’s just challenging enough to keep you on your toes. Plus, nothing beats the satisfaction of hitting the perfect drive or sinking a putt.

To find more inspiration on picking a new hobby, keep scrolling through our blog.

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