4 Reasons Gardening Is Good For The Body

By admin / January 15, 2021

January is the time of the year when people starts worrying about their health, but if you hate going to the gym, then you might be wondering how else can you make healthy changes to your lifestyle and improve your body?

The Answer Is Gardening!

Here are four ways gardening is a great workout for the body and why you should pick up the trowel and dig in!

Burns calories

One of the best facets of gardening is the sheer physical effort that is required! Even when you have the right tools, form a professional company like arbourlandscapesolutions.co.uk, you’ll find yourself working hard to get your garden looking exactly the way you want it to.

From digging to building things, laying decking, putting up fences, there’s a lot to be done in the garden, and you will be burning calories by giving yourself a whole-body workout without even noticing it!

Improved immune system

The immune system is the area of our body that keeps us healthy and helps fight bugs. Many of you will be even more concerned about catching bugs and viruses right now in these uncertain times!

In general, being outside is good for the immune system as it allows you to soak up that all-important vitamin D, which is the very vitamin that is vital for a strong immune system.

Another reason that gardening is good for the immune system is that it exposes us to lots of bugs and germs, which -in small doses- is good for you as it builds up the antibodies and makes us better able to cope with the nasty bugs that we may encounter.

Reduced risk of stroke

High blood pressure is a key indicators of someone who is at risk of having a stroke. There are a few other things, but high blood pressure is definitely on the list of the main concerns.

How does this fit into gardening? The ability to take some time out and relax is a good way to naturally lower your blood pressure, which, in turn, will decrease your risk of having a stroke.

Gardening is a relaxing hobby that gets you outside, moving, and increases the oxygen in your blood; all of this leads to lower blood pressure and more of an ability to keep your blood pressure lower through reduced stress.

Helps Increase Movement

You don’t move enough. Science is telling you that every day. Even for those of you who are now working at home, and perhaps even worse for those who are currently working from home, you don’t get as much movement into your day as you should, and that’s having a bad effect on your health.

Humans were not built to have sedentary lifestyles, and not moving will put pressure on joints and allow body fat to build up.

Get out in your garden and do some gardening work; it’s the best way to get out and use the free natural gym that nature has provided!


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