Golf Gear: 4 Things You Need for Your Golf Game

By admin / December 29, 2020

Golf can be an expensive sport — particularly if you’re taking it seriously. That said, there are some things that you will absolutely need on the green.

If you’re a complete beginner, start by getting a set of clubs. This is a lot like buying a car: you don’t need a top-of-the-line model and it doesn’t need to be new. Oftentimes, getting a second-hand, well-cared-for set will be your best bet.

Of course, clubs are only the tip of the golf gear iceberg. Here are four other things you’ll need to enjoy the game as intended.

1. Golf Balls

Contrary to popular opinion, golf balls aren’t all effectively the same. They’re made out of a variety of different materials, each designed for a particular style of play. They can also have different layers, compression, and dimple patterns.

As a rule of thumb, beginners should stick to two-piece balls with a rubber center and surlyn cover. You won’t have much control over them, but they drive the furthest. They’re also very durable, so you won’t go through dozens of them.

2. Golf Bag

When it comes to the best golf gear, a proper bag can make all the difference. If the bag isn’t comfortable, lugging it through 18 holes is likely to exhaust you. Get one with well-padded straps and a sleeve on the side for easy access.

You should also know which clubs go where in your bag. Most golf bags have four sections: a single in front, double in the center, and single at the back. If you pack it the right way, changing clubs during the game will be much easier.

3. Golf Clothing

More than in any other sport, clothing is part of the decorum of golf. Before visiting a golf club, make sure to brush up on their dress code. For example, most places won’t let you in if you’re wearing a t-shirt, jeans, or any kind of workout attire.

As for what you can wear, collared shirts made of cotton or microfiber should do the trick. Women can choose between a variety of golf tops, with or without collars. Both men and women can wear long trousers made of cotton or polyester.

4. Golf Shoes

Proper golf shoes help you stabilize your swing and offer more reliable traction. Most shoes include spikes on the soles, which are usually made of plastic or rubber. The spikes can also come in metal, though many courses don’t allow them anymore.

You also have spikeless shoes, which offer more convenience than their spiked counterparts. For instance, most Adidas golf shoes belong to this group. Regardless of the type of shoes you opt for, you’ll want to make sure they’re waterproof.

Other Golf Gear You Need

Once you’ve covered the essentials, consider looking into golf gear accessories. These can include a divot tool, tees, gloves, umbrella, shoe brush, and more. Some of these will help you play better, and others can provide some welcome peace of mind.

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