Agiliway Experience: Building Symfony Application for Travel Agency

By admin / June 24, 2024

The travel industry has undergone a massive transformation in recent years, with travelers increasingly booking vacations and making travel arrangements through websites and mobile apps.

One of the top Ukrainian travel agencies contacts Agiliway a seasoned company in custom software development. The aim was to build an innovative web application adding the functionality for smart search, superb operability, and access to data collection of service suppliers. Also, to be successful in the market in the travel and tourism industry among the many competitors they wanted to use internet marketing strategies.

Let’s review which challenges and solutions encountered during custom software development in the client side and Agiliway.


  • Implementing an advanced search: to filter the search, present only relevant flights and hotel offers, and display the final pricing based on different characteristics;
  • Utilizing the advanced logic to show outcomes of searches to structure search results and analyze the transaction activities;
  • Integrating service provider databases to swiftly get user-requested information;
  • Ensuring the app’s speedy performance and tolerance for positive user experience during peak seasons;
  • Supportability and simplicity of modification in the solution.


  • Intelligent Search: Compiles and determines the optimal option by considering a vast array of criteria, including preferred hotels and destinations, ratings, price ranges, supplementary services, departure point, tour duration, and scheduling, and the number of adult and minor visitors.
  • Structuring of Search Results: Enhanced ability to analyze user input data and identify the most suitable offers from a vast selection of providers, all within seconds. Additionally, the app presented concise and user-friendly summaries of each tour, allowing users to easily compare and shortlist options without needing to delve into extensive details.
  • Customization: Symfony has three different levels of customization: micro framework, brick-by-brick, and Full-Stack, which enable the implementation of any unique features or functionalities;
  • Expansion Capability: All features may be added or modified without requiring a full framework reconfiguration;
  • Increased speed of market entry: The inclusion of built-in functional, behavioral, and unit testing features and tools speeds up coding and testing, hence guaranteeing quicker application development.
  • Speedy performance and dependability: Symfony exhibits lower memory consumption and has shown superior speed compared to other PHP frameworks.
  • Free and Sustainable: SensioLab, the technology’s large and active community, stands behind it as an open-source project.

Agiliway developed an advanced solution on the Symfony framework that offers a wide range of possibilities for users. Smart search helps customers find and choose the best option in travel and tourism aligned with their specific needs and requirements. The web application is user-friendly and fast in use allowing our client to increase the level of competitiveness in the market. By obtaining an appropriate number of customers, the travel agency has been able to recoup its investment in the solution during the first tourist season, therefore establishing a strong presence in a long-standing and extremely competitive market.

The travel industry has exploded online, but with so many options, travelers are overwhelmed. Equip your agency to thrive with a custom web application built by Agiliway. Contact Agiliway to implement your project ideas.

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