A Glimpse into the History of Tennis

By admin / January 29, 2021

Tennis is a fun sport that you can also get to play on your favourite reelsofjoy online casino slots as well. Most people only know how to play the slots or get to enjoy them while sports betting online. The game is not only popular, it is one of the oldest games in sports history. Here is more that you would probably want to know about the sport.

When it Began

The game of tennis was first played back in the 12th century. At that time it was played in France and it was called the “paume” or palm. It was originally played using the hand, therefore you would be beating the ball back and forth. However, you would have to use a black glove in order to avoid getting hurt. Originally, the game was played by monks as a way of whiling up time in their monasteries.

Tennis Scoring

The tennis scoring technique may seem a little odd to best casino games players. But, originally it came from the medieval France. Apparently, they would use the structure of a clock face in order to indicate the scores. Therefore, every quarter would give 15 points. And, if the clock managed to reach 60 before that of your competition, then you would automatically become the winner. In some cases, they would also have to look at the distance that the ball would have covered in yards. But, the maximum pints that you could get from this technique was for 10 yards.

King Henry VIII Made the Game Popular

The game was popular amongst the French. But, in 1625, King Henry VIII built his own private tennis court at his Hampton Court Palace. This made the game even more famous and of course, it became highly linked with the prestigious up class. In those days, the game was for the wealthy and those are linked to the royal family.


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