Beginner’s Guide to Beach Cruiser Bike Maintenance

By admin / September 17, 2019

When you buy a new beach cruiser, the possibilities are limitless. No matter how far away the shore is from where you live, you’re probably eager to get out and start riding. Even though your cruiser may be new now, riding will inevitably cause wear and tear that require maintenance and repairs. Here are the major maintenance measures necessary to care for a beach cruiser as well as a few tips about how to care for the best bike seats and other features that are unique to this style of bicycle.

Frequent Wipedowns

If you ride near the shore, it is a good idea to wipe down the entirety of a cruiser on a regular basis. Sand can build up in the drivetrain, gears or other components where it wears down parts and causes premature failure. The salt in the air can also eat away some frame materials. You may want to consider applying an anti-rusting protectant if you frequently cruise the beach on your bike.

Consistent Seat Protection and Care

Specialized seat design is one of the features that can set beach cruiser bikes for sale apart from other bike models. Although this bike style may not have the advanced, high-tech impact protection or heavy-duty padding of mountain or hybrid bikes, the best bike seats are designed to cushion a rider’s sit bones (ischial tuberosities) during casual pedaling.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning goes beyond drivetrain upkeep with a brush and degreaser and wiping down and protecting the frame of a cruiser from salty sea air. If you ride on sand, dirt or other rough, off-road terrain, you should also periodically remove and clean the chain on a beach cruiser with a chain cleaning device or a rag and degreasing solution.

Lubricate When Needed

Lubrication is also a critical bike maintenance measure. The best indication of a need to lubricate is the condition of the chain on a cruiser bike. If this component appears drive or makes noises, apply a small amount of lubricant to barrel adjusters, brake derailleur cables, pivot points and lever pivots. Never lubricate a dirty bike, as this causes buildup to form that could eventually result in part damage.

Regular Inspections and Repairs

From the grip on your handlebars to the condition of the tires on a men’s or women’s beach cruiser, it is important to give your bike a once over before and after each ride. The sooner you identify dirty or worn parts, the less likely you are to end up stranded far away from home or a beachside parking lot.

If you ride daily or several times a week, you may want to perform all of these tasks with greater frequency than if you’re just a weekend warrior or an occasional surfside rider. You may also want to consider getting specialized cleaning solutions or lubricants designed with bicycles in mind. Check the material composition and cleaning instructions for any specialized parts you install on your ride. The best bike seats may call for certain cleaning or lubricating treatments depending on the material.


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