The Heavy Man’s Guide to Finding the Right Bicycle

By admin / September 10, 2019

Taking up cycling as a hobby, a mode of transportation or even a sporting venture is one of the best decisions that is made by many. The activity comes with a plethora of benefits, including improved mental well-being, a cut in health complications such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity, enhanced navigational skills, and much more. However, if your body is larger than average, you might experience many hurdles in your cycling endeavors if you opt for the ordinary man’s bike. That is why we have bikes for heavy people. Customized to ensure that the heavy man enjoys an excellent ride whenever he or she set feet on the pedals.

Key pointers that emphasize comfort and performance for a heavy man in pursuit of cycling include:

Focus on your needs

When settling for a bike, do not just ask the storekeeper or browse online for ‘something cool’ that is not well defined. To establish your needs, consider the places where you will be riding your bike. Is it on pavements, rugged mountainous terrains, or gravel roads? Whereas some bicycles can thrive in different riding environments, others are rigid and restricted to operating on specific surfaces.

Road bikes, for instance, are suitable for a variety of riding environments including pavements and gravel roads. With a tire change, they are versatile enough to accommodate racing, commuting along roadways, or touring long distances. Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are engineered to traverse steep terrains with rocks, dirt, and every different challenge associated with steep environments.

Scrutinize your components to ensure they are of high quality

Only settle for a bike with high-quality components suitable for heavy riders. For instance, metal frames made of either aluminum or steel are the best option for heavyweight bikers compared to carbon frames. On a different note, the best bike for 300 lbs man who falls into the heavy category is one with smaller wheels which are stronger. Furthermore, the more the number of spokes for the rear wheel, the better the bike for a heavyweight cyclist. It is important to note that since there is always the option of upgrading some parts of your bike with time depending on the level of comfort you want to achieve.

Go for a bike that makes you feel comfortable and in control

Your height and your inseam should define the ideal frame size enough to make you comfortable. Additionally, the handlebar shape and your seat define the levels of comfort and control you will enjoy while riding. Not to forget are the brakes, gears, and suspension you consider. Do not only go for something fancy that satisfies your inner desires but also a bike that beats performance.

Get the best out of your budget

Finally, once you establish your needs, have a picture of what your components should serve at your fingertips, and settle on the level of comfort and control you want to enjoy; you need to get value for money. Bikes can be relatively expensive, but there is the option of getting the best out of your budgets; whether you are targeting the low range, mid-range, or high-end bikes.


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