Finding Time To Yourself: A Guide

By admin / September 17, 2019

Many of us find it increasingly hard to get time to ourselves. Whether it’s a demanding job, a family, or a close knit group of friends, sometimes we cherish the idea of getting some peace and quiet. This is sometimes easier said than done, as the expectation to carry on as usual can make it feel impossible to ask for time alone. If you’re craving some much-needed ‘me-time,’ then here are a few approaches to take to find some solitary moments.

Learn to ask for time

This is perhaps the most awkward approach, but it is also the most revealing. Many of us are far too scared to ask for time to ourselves, with the fear of being perceived as being weak, or maybe even the much-loathed phrase; a ‘snowflake.’ However, there is nothing wrong with asking for time to yourself every now and then. Many of us need solitary time to recharge our batteries and to be able to cope with the demands of everyday life. If you’re at work, for example, ask if it’s possible to take a 10-minute screen break. Ten minutes is hardly much time out of your day, and it just gives you a moment to breathe and think about something that isn’t work.

Take time outside

Never underestimate the power of taking a few minutes outside. The fresh air does wonders for wiping our mental slate clean. If your vape, be sure to use your time outside to cultivate some mindfulness. If you’re new to vaping, you may want to treat yourself to a new starter-kit, which can be found at

If you’re concerned that you simply do not have enough time in your schedule to spend time outside, then there’s no time like the present to examine your schedule. While slumping in front of the couch on the weekends might feel like down-time, you may find that you come to resent it as ‘wasted time.’ Take a look at your weekly activities and decide whether you have an hour or so to spare for some time in the great outdoors.

Ask for help

In the same way that you will need to learn to ask for time to yourself at work or home, it’s a good idea to ask for help, too. When we have kids, it can feel impossible to have time to ourselves; and it might be if we don’t have the right support. Asking your friends or loved ones to do some babysitting might just be the savior you need to get some time on your own. Don’t underestimate how useful that could be either. Time spent in solitude is almost like a mini-vacation.

No one said finding time to yourself was easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Finding a rare moment of solitude keeps you feeling fresh and far less overwhelmed. As a mom, you need those moments that aren’t filled with responsibilities or demands.


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