Casino Rituals Around the Globe: Superstitions from Different Cultures

By admin / June 5, 2024

The gambling world is full of superstitions, with almost every player having a personal ritual and belief that certain actions or items will bring them luck. But did you know that a lot of gambling superstitions actually have cultural roots? Let’s dive into the world of casino rituals from all over the world and see what relationship different cultures have with gambling!

Superstitions from China

One of the most popular gambling superstitions in China is the lucky number 8. It’s believed to be the luckiest number of all, as the pronunciation in Mandarin is very similar to the word for wealth and fortune— “ba”. That’s why you’ll see many Chinese people placing their bets on the number 8 in games like Roulette and Baccarat!

On the other end of this spectrum is the number 4, as it is believed to be the unluckiest number in this culture. The reason also has something to do with the number’s pronunciation. “Si” sounds too similar to the Mandarin word for death.

Another interesting superstition from China has to do with the colour red. It is believed that you will attract good fortune by wearing red clothing or accessories, so Chinese gamblers will often enter their gaming sessions in at least red underwear and socks.

Superstitions from India

You will most likely see an Indian player carrying a lucky amulet with them. Gemstones, rudraksha beads, or talismans inscribed with sacred symbols or mantras are considered to bring good fortune! On top of that, some Indian players may turn to the stars for guidance before they gamble.

They will either read their horoscope or consult astrologers. So, if the dates are suspicious or Mercury is in retrograde, you may not find many Indian players around.

Some Indians also make offerings to Hindu deities for good luck and blessings. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and Ganesha, the remover of obstacles are usually receivers of flowers, incense, prasad, sweets and fruits.

Superstitions from the United States

The USA is a melting pot of different cultures, so there are some unique superstitions around gambling involved. One of the most interesting ones is the unlucky $50 bill. There is a history of counterfeiting these bills, so the Treasury Department no longer prints them with certain serial numbers. That’s why gamblers in this country will avoid playing with $50, as they believe it will bring them bad luck.

Much like China, the US also has an unlucky number. Players usually avoid betting around or on the number 13, as this is believed to be an unlucky number in many different Western cultures. One other superstition that’s most prevalent in Craps is that blowing on the dice before you throw them will bring you good luck.

Superstitions from Italy

Italian culture is deeply based on symbolism and protective measures, so it’s no wonder Italian gamblers wear the “cornicelli”. This is a horn-shaped charm that is believed to ward off the evil eye, or the “Malocchio”. Some Italian gamblers will take this a step further and pray to protect themselves from the effects of the evil eye.

This country also has an unlucky number— 17. Italians will therefore avoid betting on this number. But you won’t catch them gambling at all on Friday the 17th! This is considered to be the double whammy of bad luck, as Friday is generally an unlucky day across Western cultures.

Rituals from Russia

Russian gamblers would get along well with Chinese ones, as they also agree that red clothing brings good luck. But you’ll never catch Russians wearing black when they’re about to 1, as this colour is associated with death and traditionally worn at funerals.

Before gambling, Russians will also make a toast with an alcoholic beverage and wish each other good luck. If they’re visiting a land-based casino, you won’t catch them whistling inside. This is believed to drive away good fortune and attract negative energy!

Rituals from Japan

Japanese people aren’t immune to gambling superstitions either. Some of the things they believe in include:

  • Bowing or Nodding Towards the Gaming Area: It’s customary for Japanese gamblers to bow or nod towards the gaming area or dealer before starting a game as a sign of respect and to attract good fortune.
  • Folding Corner of Betting Tickets: Some Japanese horse racing enthusiasts have a superstition of folding the corner of their betting tickets before the race begins. It’s believed that this action helps to “seal in” their chosen horse’s luck and ensure a favourable outcome.
  • Touching or Rubbing Lucky Items: Before placing bets, Japanese gamblers may touch or rub lucky items, such as talismans, charms, or lucky coins, believed to bring good luck and increase their chances of winning.

Superstitions from Ireland

One of the most famous superstitions from Ireland that extends to gambling is the “Luck of the Irish”. This is a cultural superstition that suggests every person of Irish descent is inherently lucky. That’s why Irish gamblers often wear shamrock motifs on their clothing or take shamrock charms with them. They’re invoking this cultural belief!

Before making an actual bet, Irish people will usually also make a sign of the cross in the air. This is a way to invoke protection and attract good luck with prayer. Related to this, Irish folks may also pray to Saint Luck (Saint Patrick), their patron saint, to ask for protection and good fortune.


As you can see, there are many different rituals and superstitions surrounding gambling around the world. Whether it’s lucky numbers, rituals, or avoiding unlucky symbols, these beliefs reflect our desire to sway Lady Luck in our favour. While some may see them as mere superstitions, they’re a quirky part of gambling culture that adds to the excitement. Now that you know all of them, you can choose the perfect casino from Master of Casinos to test your luck. We can’t wait to find out which superstition is your favourite!

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