How To Increase Horsepower on Your Jeep Gladiator

By admin / September 17, 2019

This year Jeep did something fans have been requesting for years: they made a pickup truck. If you have scored one of the Wrangler-based pickups already, you may be thinking about how you can boost its power a little. Although the Gladiator is a great truck, that doesn’t stop people wondering about Jeep Gladiator performance exhaust systems, intakes and other upgrades. Here are a few power-boosting changes.

Get A Cold Air Intake

One of the key steps in creating more horsepower is getting more oxygen into the engine. Every internal combustion engine needs oxygen to ignite the fuel and move the pistons. However, most vehicles use air intakes mounted inside the engine bay. This means they are pulling in air that has already been heated up by the engine running.

The simple solution is a cold air intake. It is designed to pull in air from outside the engine bay and further away from the engine itself. Additionally, most performance air intakes are designed to allow a higher airflow rate. The result is more oxygen in your Jeep Gladiator’s V6 and more power to your wheels. Cold air intakes are also relatively easy to install, even for novices.

Add Some Boost

The engine in every Jeep Gladiator is a naturally-aspirated Chrysler Pentastar V6. This is an acceptably powerful engine for everyday use. However, anyone looking for more horsepower isn’t going to settle for acceptable. The solution is adding some boost using a turbocharger or supercharger.

This upgrade is a little more complex than upgrading the intake. However, it will provide a major performance increase. Depending on how you use your Gladiator, a supercharger may be the way to go. One can offer power delivery more evenly throughout your RPM-range. This can be important when off-roading or towing.

Upgrade the Exhaust

Pushing exhaust out of the engine is as important as bringing in fresh air. After all, if your engine is filled with exhaust gases, there is nowhere for new air to go. Check out some custom builder exhaust kits for the Jeep Gladiator. You can replace your OEM exhaust with one designed to boost the horsepower of your truck.

Even better, you can customize the sound the vehicle makes. Aftermarket exhausts can be one of the most rewarding upgrades to make because of their effect on noise. There is nothing quite like hearing an aggressive rumble that you created with an upgrade. If you are doing a custom exhaust, features like an x pipe resonator will help you to find the perfect pitch and noise level.

Get Started Today

These simple upgrades can help you take your Jeep Gladiator to the next level. Whether you are using it as the ultimate off-road pickup or as a road warrior, a few upgrades will give you more power and a more satisfying noise.

Working on your own vehicle can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the ownership experience. There is no better way to express how much you love cars and trucks than wrenching on them. Start your upgrade process today.


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