How To Protect and Maintain The Bricks Around Your Home

By admin / October 20, 2021

Human beings have been building houses and shelters with stones for thousands of years. Masonry is a sturdy, stable, and great-looking option for a home; however, as with all housing options, there are a few negatives. Like anything made from stone or rock, bricks suffer the same weaknesses as they do: excessive water and winds that cause erosion, chipping and cracks, and shifting bricks from alternating temperatures. Luckily, interior bricks don’t face as many threats as their outdoor counterparts because they are sheltered from a more harmful environment. To the bricks of your home that aren’t as lucky, here are some ways to keep them as pristine as possible.

Regular Inspections

This may seem obvious to most homeowners, but scheduling regular check-ups of your home’s bricks and outer walls is essential. If you never inspect your bricks, minor issues can grow exponentially into giant problems: even though masonry is durable, it isn’t everlasting. Whether you take a quick walk around your home every month or have a brick repair professional come twice a year, inspecting your bricks is the best way to prevent excessive damage to them. If you’re experiencing any brick-related issues, contact Brickworks, the home repair professionals, at for more information.

Gutters, Drainage, and Slopes

Like mentioned before, rain and water can have devastating effects on your home’s bricks and stones. Water can erode and carry away sediment from the bricks and their mortar (the sealant that holds them together) over time. The way that your home directs and distributes water has a direct effect on its bricks. If the gutters are clogged or if water is allowed to rest against your home’s exterior walls, damage to your stonework is almost guaranteed. Make sure that your drainage systems are working properly and if your home has any places that hold water, look into regrading the ground around your home or install more drainage precautions. Here are just some of the damaging effects weather has on your home.

Less Powerwashing

Powerwashing is a fantastic way to clean the side and panels surrounding your home from grime and muck; however, it’s a different story with brick. As mentioned above, water can erode brick stone over the years: a powerwasher is basically a concentrated rainstorm. If power washed too often, the brick and mortar of your exterior walls can erode and crumble from the intense pressure. If necessary, try your best to stand further away when power washing and don’t spray too long in one place — similar to spraypainting.

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