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By admin / October 20, 2021

Giving You And Your Baby The Best Head Start Possible

The best thing you can do for your baby is assure you and your spouse are able to provide the strongest possible environment for their future development. If you can’t take care of yourselves, you’ll have trouble caring for your child. Now granted, some things you can’t control, but some you can; and one of the most important is your health.

It’s not just your physical health you need to think about, either. Mental health plays a huge part in your ability to not only maintain and retain physical health, but in your ability to provide the same positive outcomes for your newborn child. Keep in mind, today’s environment for health is perhaps more turbulent than it’s ever been as regards motherhood.


There are totally toxic schools of thought out there circulating complete misrepresentations of fact. For example, there’s a kind of thinking today which says formula-based diets are better than breastmilk. This is scientifically false, and due more to political trends than to any sort of sound medical advice.

So what do you do as a new mom? Well, you want to give your own body and mind proper fuel to make solid decisions and get the work done necessary for your child. Here we’ll explore a few ways you can do that.

1. Assure You And The Father Have A Strong Relationship

If you’ve got good food and shelter, but you and your spouse are fighting 24/7, that’s bad for you, and by proxy it’s bad for your baby. You can get yourself into an emotional state that’s so “keyed up” it’s impossible for you to produce breast milk. This is surely intolerable. While some conflict is healthy, it shouldn’t be something that regularly results in physical issues.

However, not every mother has the capability of exploring a strong relationship with the father of their child. Sometimes there are fights, sometimes the father was never there to begin with, sometimes unforeseen circumstances collect his soul to the great beyond before the baby is even born. If you can’t keep a solid relationship with a man, find a support group.

You need to feel secure, or your baby won’t. Sure, you can pull through those early years alone, and things might turn out alright, but you’re in for a very rocky road. Even if the man around the house doesn’t provide enough income to nourish, he acts as a bulwark of protection against the craziness of the wide world, which is key in child development.

2. Eat Foods Conducive To Healthy Breast Milk Production

Grains, fennel, meat, poultry, eggs, fish—all are excellent foods for healthy breast milk production. If you’re going to be a healthy mom, you need to eat a diet that is conducive to your present situation as the primary nourishing agent in your child’s life. Find foods you like that are good for breastmilk production, and eat your fill regularly.

3. Seek Consultation From Breastfeeding Professionals

Sometimes a clogged milk duct in the nipple may have a relatively simple solution. Sometimes you may want to find a little help from medical professionals; it all depends on the situation. If you’re not sure, working with professionals who have a long history of helping new moms most efficiently nurse makes a lot of sense.

Even mothers who have given birth to a dozen children have things they can learn. There will never be any mother anywhere who knows all there is to know about motherhood. But professional consultants can be very helpful.

4. Exercise As Best You Can: Walks And Stretching

Something else that’s very healthy is simple exercise, especially in the outdoors. Now, only do this if the weather is conducive. Still, walking with your newborn in the stroller or in a papoose situated either in front of you or behind you is a great idea. It helps you stay healthy, and the baby can collect some natural Vitamin D through the sun.

Enabling The Healthiest Environment For Your Child

Exercise, consultation, healthy foods, and a father who sticks around represent some of the best ways you can be physically and mentally healthy for your newborn.

While you can’t control everything about the situation defining your first forays into motherhood, where you can have a hand in facilitating the things listed here, it will be good for you and your baby’s health.


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