The Damaging Effects Weather does to your home

By admin / September 10, 2021

Why do human beings even live in homes? That’s an easy answer: to protect themselves from the outdoor elements. The sun, tropical storms, and global warming are just the tip of the iceberg (no joke intended). Time is another variable that can damage your home. Combined together, weather and time will affect your home. Being prepared for your climate and regularly checking for signs of damage is key. How do I know the weather is slowly working away at my home’s defenses? Let’s look at 5 main perpetrators of home degradation.


The sun is necessary for life but is a nuisance for homeowners. Direct sunlight constantly pounding down on houses can discolor and weaken roofing — unless your shingles are clay-based. Extreme temperatures can loosen, weaken, and “melt” more malleable exterior structures as well. Always check on your roof and exterior for sun damage.


Yes, storms and hurricanes can easily destroy homes, but even gradual dripping can cause major damage. Leaking from the roof, eroding foundations, and spawning mold are possible consequences of letting rain into your home. Make sure that water isn’t pooling up anywhere around your house — including the roof. Also, survey and fill any cracks you may find in your roof or walls that could easily turn into major problems later down the line.


Another form of precipitation, hail can create more immediate damage to your home that can worsen over time. Roofing, house siding, and even windows are at the mercy of a terrible hailstorm — not to mention automobiles. This damage can lead to more weather intruding into your home. It’s imperative to fix any damage caused by hail as quickly as you can. The professionals at 3JM Exteriors Inc. know a thing or two about repairing hail damaged siding.


From strong gusts of wind to full-blown tornadoes, wind can ravage a house like no other. The wind is a constant variable. Shingles, house siding, and exterior accessories can come loose and fall off over constant exposure to wind. Full-fledged tornadoes can strip the entire exterior off of a home and can even level a study structure to the foundation. It’s important to make sure the exterior elements of a house are properly secured. Similar to the other weather, be on the lookout for wind-worn or loose pieces of housing.

Weather isn’t the only factor that can pose a serious threat to a home. Here are some more methods of staying protected with Smart Home Technology.


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