3 Ways to Keep Marijuana from Smelling Up Your Home

By admin / October 22, 2021

With the rise in legislation legalizing cannabis for medical use and recreational use, more and more people are trying out marijuana for themselves. That being said, there’s one major downside to smoking: the smell of weed.

As you continue to smoke, the odor becomes more and more unmistakable whenever anyone sets foot inside of your home. But does the smell of cannabis have to dominate your space? Absolutely not! Here are three ways to keep marijuana from smelling up your home.

1. Make sure that your space is properly ventilated when you smoke.


The weed smell that builds up in your home only has a chance to because it continues to linger in the air while you’re smoking and long after you’re finished. This scent then sticks to areas like your carpeting and furniture, where it continues to be detected because it’s so heavily concentrated throughout your space. The key to making sure this doesn’t happen to smokers is to keep your space well-ventilated whenever you decide to light up. Sitting in an area with plenty of open windows, turning on a fan, and blowing your smoke outside of your house is the best way to eliminate the lingering odor.

You should also pay close attention to your HVAC and have an air purifier in the home. Marijuana smokers who smoke frequently can damage their lungs, making it difficult for them to filter out dust and other pollutants that can prove detrimental to their overall health. Even if you use some of these tips now, the damage has been done, and a home that contains quite a bit of dust, allergens, and other contaminants can affect you more than the average person.

Installing an air purifier can filter out marijuana smoke as well as the other items listed above. Keeping the air filter in your HVAC system clean goes a long way towards reducing the number of airborne pollutants. All you have to do is find the right HVAC technician in your area with years of experience installing and repairing these systems to get the perfect outcome.

2. Get rid of the weed odor by removing it at the source.

The problem that stoners have is that they have been smoking for years. If cannabis users want to get their home smoke-free, they would have to get rid of all of the clothing from their closet, dispose of their furniture, and rinse any other items like curtains in vinegar and detergent in the washing machine to get rid of the lingering smell. Of course, there’s another solution. Rather than trying to do all of this or use items like air fresheners, candles, incense, or sploofs (toilet paper roll with a dryer sheet and rubber band to eliminate the marijuana smell), you can use an odor eliminator instead.

Those looking to learn how to get rid of weed smell in clothes or beyond will be happy to learn that there are products out there focused on breaking down the distinct smell at the molecular level. Just spray your natural odor eliminator on your clothes or household items, let the fragrance of essential oils naturally dissipate the smell of marijuana in your garments, and tackle the weed smell with good ventilation next time you decide to smoke so that you don’t have to use an odor neutralizer as a last resort. When the smell is too much to bear, a great product designed specifically for those who smoke weed is the best option to clear out the odor molecules.

3. Look for another way to enjoy your cannabis.


Whether you call it “bud” or “herb”, most cannabis enthusiasts love to enjoy their stash by smoking it. But when you’re using a bong or a pipe, you will inevitably have to deal with the odor. One way to circumvent this is to look for a better way to enjoy your cannabis. For example, if you’re someone who enjoys food, a good idea would be to try edibles like brownies or gum. You could also use a dry herb vaporizer as these devices tend to leave behind less of a smell and will dissipate more easily if there’s plenty of airflow and ventilation. If you’re tired of trying to cover up your activities with scented candles, perfumes or cologne, or deodorant and mouthwash, an easy way to do this is simply to stop smoking altogether.

Cannabis smoke engrains itself into the environment, making it difficult to remove. If you’re a landlord or a renter or homeowner looking to get rid of the smell of terpenes and THC, a little fresh air, the right odor removal tool, and a change in habits are the perfect way to make a home smell like home again.

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