How to get motivated to study English

By admin / April 29, 2020

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To become an expert in anything, a person needs passion, determination, patience, hard work, and factors that give the motivation to reach a given target. The same applies to when you want to study and become a pro in the English language. You will need encouragement to learn and improve your overall skills in the English language. My Custom Essay prepared these tips to motivate you to learn English:

  • Monitor your daily achievements

Maintaining a record of what you have learned every day is the best way to become an expert in the English language. Make sure each day you learn something new and keep track of what you learn. The best way to track your daily progress is by listing down all that you have studied together with the date in a book. The reasons for highlighting all these is to remember you studied before, revise what you studied, and be encouraged to learn more ideas.

  • Avoid comparing your English level to that of others

We can never be equal. This is the very first thing you should know when learning English. Just move at your own pace without looking up to specific individuals because once you imagine that so and so is way perfect than me, you will lose motivation and lose track of learning new skills. In the end, you will feel bad and feel like you are a failure just because you compared yourself to others. There are always different sets of conditions surrounding different people; for example, native speakers have known English as their first language, meaning they are perfect in it. Some individuals are quick learners naturally, while some get experts who teach them English quite faster. S0, the idea of comparing yourself to others should never cross your mind. Learn at your own pace, but make sure you keep moving.

  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes

The learning process includes making errors. You should never be scared to try even if you make a mistake. Many people fear to pronounce words or creating sentences, especially when around people for fear of being corrected. After all, the reason for studying English is to communicate and pass the message across. No one is perfect; we all make mistakes at one point when talking. Once corrected, pick up yourself, fix the relevant mistakes, and take it positively. Never underrate or look down upon yourself. View mistakes as a stepping stone to polish up your English other than viewing errors as a crime.

  • Engage with other people

Finding a company or a group of people who have the same goal as you are the best motivation you can ever get. For example, if you love traveling and you get someone who loves traveling as well, you are more likely to travel together more often than you could when alone. The same applies to learn English. Use social media accounts to get people who are also learning English, and you will be motivated more.

  • Define your goal

When you know the reasons why you want to learn English, you will be prompted to improve on your skills daily. There are several reasons for studying English, either you need to pass an exam, travel to other countries that speak English, or even make more friends. List down the goals you need to achieve, and you will be highly motivated.


In the process of learning English, you can reach a point and lose track and focus. The best thing to do is re-think, put your thoughts together, lay down your goal, and tips on how you will achieve them. Understand that you are unique in your way and study at your pace. Study the above tips and put them into action. You will experience a smooth path and get instant motivation in the process of learning English.



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