How technology revived the game of bingo

By admin / April 29, 2020

The business environment has drastically changed in the last twenty years, and the main reason for that change has been the rise of the internet. For example, back in the early 90s, there were no options to transfer money online or via an application. Mobile applications were just an idea in development, and in order to check your card balance, you had to go to the nearest bank and wait behind the line.

One market that has drastically changed its image and approach in terms of operational processes is the bingo game. Back in the days, this game was mainly played and enjoyed in the land-based venues by the elderly population. If once seemed like the game of bingo has lost its charm and popularity, today it attracts millions of players worldwide. This happened because this game successfully transformed and adapted to the new era of technology and innovation. Let’s find out more about the rise, fall and reinvention of this game.

The 90s: final moments of an outdated and dull game

The prospect of an online bingo platform in the 90s was still in the early phase of brainstorming. The bingo halls were struggling to keep the aspect of culture and entertainment to this game, but something clearly didn’t work. Many different types of games and entertainment have started to make their breakthrough on the market. People were choosing alternatives that offered a new type of entertainment buzz. On the other side, the game of bingo was stuck somewhere between the 60s and 70s when very few leisure activities were available to the public. We also have to mention the rise of TV and the internet that impacted on bingo’s market and popularity.

The tech revival

Although the internet put a lot of businesses and industries at risk, it has also provided an opportunity for a revival to many more. The casino industry was quick to take advantage, using it to bring casinos and betting to a wider, online audience. After witnessing the success of these gambling sectors, bingo has decided to jump on board and implement a similar strategy. Today, newest online bingo sites include many variants of this game. Each game brings its unique design and theme to the table, offering the much-needed market versatility. By the end of 2010, there were hundreds of online bingo sites, all welcoming customers who were able to place wagers on a daily basis.

However, the main reason why bingo has reinvented the game is that it has attracted a new, progressive audience. As many millennials grew together with the technology and the internet, it is no surprise that they tend to use online platforms more than older generations. Recent polls revealed that over 80% of online bingo players are under the age of 50. We wonder – why bingo represents a game choice for the younger players?

Multi-platform experience

Today, many online bingo operators are offering their customers a wide variety of platform options. If you’ve seen an ad for a bingo game or visited an online bingo brand, you’ve probably noticed the emphasis placed on tablets and smartphones. Some bingo brands have created exclusive applications for your smartphone so you can access and enjoy the experience of a bingo hall in your pocket, so to speak. This means that instead of having to load your browser and optimise the viewing tools, you just download the mobile app of the gaming brand. There are other accessibility perks and options like the integration to payment and social media accounts, player leaderboards and chat rooms.

Bright future

The next big jump in the progression of this game is the introduction of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. This technology has already been tested and used in various online casinos. The main purpose of it is to offer a more immersive experience and bring back the feeling of visiting a bingo hall. Fans of poker and roulette can already try and experience this technology while playing from the comfort of their own home.

Retaining users and attracting new ones will be dependent on how well companies tailor their online user experience to the player’s demand. We can notice a shift in other games like slots and poker whose statuses have improved as a result of customization features and optimising the game mode. These settings streamline the gaming experience, making it quicker, easier and more rewarding to play.



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