Effectively Branding Your E-commerce Store

By admin / April 29, 2020

Sometimes, an e-commerce store is in need of a rebrand. Whether that means changing your brand name or tag line or even designing a new logo, there are several ways to rebrand without losing your business’s integrity. Having an effective brand strategy is the key to acquiring and retaining customers. If you’re ready to give your brand identity an overhaul, there are several ways to do so while still reaching your target market.

Avoid Common Mistakes

There are several top rebranding mistakes that can greatly harm your brand strategy. Shifting your visual identity or reassessing your brand equity should always be done out of necessity, not because you simply feel like it. Introducing a new brand on a whim can alienate your customers and lead to some confusing messaging. Another big mistake is only developing a new logo and leaving the rest of the brand as is. A new logo can be an important part of your visual identity and brand strategy, much like a tag line can. Many businesses think a new logo or tag line can do all the heavy lifting for them.

However, a successful rebrand addresses much more than aesthetics alone. Your rebranding project needs to review your brand strategy as a whole. Do you need to do research or a case study on a new target audience? Do you need to update your social media profiles to better align with your new brand? Perhaps, you even need to invest in a new product line that makes a powerful brand statement. While you’re doing all of this, you need to be incredibly conscious of avoiding a few other mistakes.

First, don’t chase trends. If you’re spotting a trend, chances are it’s reaching peak saturation. You want to be ahead of the curve in this regard. Second, you need to future-proof your brand identity. Ideally, a rebrand shouldn’t happen every other year. You want your rebranding efforts to stick around for a while. Finally, test, test, test. Testing your rebrand in the market is an absolute must. Your rebrand needs to resonate with customers and speak to your brand strategy as a whole.

Rethink Your Products

Often, a rebrand is a great time for online retailers to review a marketing campaign, assess excess inventory, and rethink merchandise. One great way to acquire a good deal of new merchandise to test is through liquidation stock. Liquidation stock is essentially marketplace merchandise that is sold by pallets or by the truckload.

Liquidation stock often comes from name-brand retailers, like Amazon. Amazon liquidations and Amazon liquidation stock are both great ways to snag products that resonate with your target audience and give you a brand new approach to your offerings.

Liquidation stock comes in many forms. Whether you’re selling appliances, home goods, apparel, consumer electronics, or home decor, there are plenty of ways to acquire merchandise well-below the retail price. Frequently, liquidation stock occurs as a result of customer returns, out-of-season products, and excess industry.

Every e-commerce store owner can benefit from introducing liquidation stock to the rebranding process. Typically, you won’t even pay the shipping cost for some Amazon liquidation auctions so it’s a great way to experiment with your products during your rebrand.

Amp Up Your Website

Online retailers seldom succeed without strong websites. Make sure your site is visually appealing and also compliant with web best practices. Update your privacy policy and cookie settings. This helps customers understand the use of cookies and it can also build trust. Do a case study on your current site to see what performs well and what doesn’t. Address high-priority fixes first before delving into the cosmetic side. It’ll help your rebrand stay on track.

E-commerce is frequently more competitive than other markets. A highly-saturated market requires you to innovate. Sometimes, that innovation takes the form of a rebrand. Avoid common mistakes and make sure your brand strategy is in alignment. It’ll help your business succeed in moving forward.

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