How to Choose a Rebranding Agency

By admin / September 13, 2021

Have you recently considered rebranding? A large number of businesses decide to rebrand to stay relevant to their consumers and the market.

Rebranding is absolutely necessary when expanding to new locations, targeting new audiences, experiencing market changes, having a new mission and philosophy, etc.

Nevertheless, businesses need the assistance of experts to streamline the rebranding process, create a clear path, and take the role of advisors.

There is a myriad of agencies offering branding services or a brand refresh.

Follow these tips to hire the best one.

Consider your project requirements

The first step towards choosing the right rebranding agency is to consider your project requirements. There are a couple of questions that you need to provide answers to, such as the reason behind your rebranding, the problem you are struggling to solve, the project objectives, as well as your budget. This information is essential for candidates to understand your project and the goals you wish to achieve.

Most businesses planning to rebrand are curious about the length of the project, which varies across agencies. It’s paramount to keep in mind that every project is unique in its requirements, hence imposing a different timescale.

In addition, the duration of the project largely depends on the agency you choose to collaborate with. Some companies place their focus on several projects at a time, whereas others strive to address the needs of numerous clients. On average, such projects usually take between three and four months.

Evaluate their portfolios

The quality of work of rebranding agencies is a vital factor to take into account. You should start by evaluating the portfolio of each candidate to see how their work looks in practice. Agencies tend to differ in terms of their portfolios, as some portfolios are varied, whereas others are more limited. If possible, make sure to hire a company whose projects are relevant to your business.

Nevertheless, a diversified approach is not always a bad idea, particularly if your business isn’t a part of a specialized niche. In contrast, if your products or services have a limited application, you’d definitely need an agency experienced in your field of work. The number of clients isn’t always the most important, as the industries they have worked with the matter as well. Check out the five key benefits of rebranding.

Don’t focus on the size

The usual mistake businesses make when looking for a rebranding agency is focusing on the size, not its performance. Not all businesses need to hire an agency with hundreds of employees, a number of subsidiaries, and a global presence.

While some companies stand to gain from such services, others need rebranding services on a smaller scale. In such cases, performance is far more important than their size. By collaborating with a small agency, you’ll be getting more priority and personal touch. Also, it’s likelier for the professionals you hire to specialize in the services you need.

Price isn’t the most important factor

When hiring such an agency, naturally, all businesses are concerned about their budgets. While price is absolutely important, you must consider the long-term effects rebranding will have on your business. Big agencies are known for their lower starting costs, but the small ones offer a more specialized approach.

Rebranding has to be conducted in the right manner for the project to yield positive results. As long as it helps your business surpass the competition, the initial cost isn’t the most significant aspect to have in mind. It could save you years, even decades on trying to reach the same level as your competitors.

Have a look at their websites

Last but not least, you should spare some time to check out the websites of the rebranding agencies on your shortlist. It’s vital for the website to look appealing and offer the services that you are interested in. It should be updated regularly and have a fast page loading speed. If the site leaves a negative first impression, it means you should remove that particular agency from your shortlist. Follow this link,, to learn what makes a good webpage.

Final thoughts

Rebranding is sometimes essential for a business not to fall behind the competition!


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