How to Help Your Kids With Math Homework

By admin / September 10, 2021

Studies show that a parent’s belief and attitude about math can change their child’s achievement.

Do you convey positive feelings about math when it comes to your children’s homework?

Even if you have to brush up on your math skills, try to remind yourself and your children that math is exciting and anyone can learn it with hard work.

When your kids need help with math homework, are you at a loss? Keep reading to learn how you can help your children with math schoolwork with these homework tips.

Help With Schoolwork, Don’t Do It For Them

Be available to guide your children through math problems, but don’t do it for them. Help them learn how to find their mistakes and correct them.

Talk through problems. Ask them questions that lead to understanding how to do each step to solve the problems. Have them tell you how they solved the problems after they arrived at the answer.

This method helps them learn the process and not just concentrate on getting the right answer. They’ll have a better understanding of various math concepts.

Talk to the Teacher

Don’t just fly blind when it comes to helping your child with math. Talk to the teacher and find out how they’re teaching each concept. If you get a better understanding of how your child is learning a concept, you’ll be better equipped to help.

Websites That Can Help

There are some terrific websites that have resources, worksheets, and games to give you more information about math concepts and help your kids get some extra practice. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Khan Academy

This site has interactive videos and exercises for practicing concepts to support math learning. The activities reinforce what they’ve learned in school and also challenge users to learn more about each topic.

2. K 5 Learning

Looking for online parent support? You’ll find it here. The site offers online support and extra practice worksheets to help you and your children as they complete schoolwork at home.

3. Learn Zillion

This site uses videos to teach math concepts in short lessons to students. No matter what the concept they’re learning, you can put it in the search bar and videos will come up to teach you and your child. The videos teach how to understand math ideas and strategies.

Working on percentages? Would a percentage calculator help? View the given examples and input your own information to solve your problems.

Can You Help With Math Homework?

Has your child gotten to the age where you don’t know how to help with math homework? Follow the advice here and gain the confidence to give your children the help they need with math.

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