Immigration Lawyers That Paved Away for Future Lawmakers

By admin / September 13, 2021

1. Immigration lawyers are the lawmakers of tomorrow

The following is a list of the top immigration lawyers in Washington DC (traditionally the primary lobbyist for the National Association for Immigration Reform). These immigration attorneys are well-respected, influential and allow their clients to park their money offshore.

They have mastered the art of sophisticated immigration law. These lawyers can make sure you are permitted into America as a refugee or are going to be quickly repatriated if your nation of origin implodes. They can rescue one person from genocide or persecute another family for the crime of having relatives outside of their country (during times of war). They can stop you from being deported right before your naturalization interview or deport you after you have already been naturalized.

These lawyers are the lawmakers of tomorrow, and they determine who gets to stay in America and who gets kicked out.

  • Cheryl Little is a precious resource for the Washington DC elite, and she has been one of the most influential immigration lawyers in America for years. Ms. Little is a founding member of the FLIC Immigrant Justice Corps (the Florida Immigrant Coalition). She has made an art out of personalizing her clients and making their experiences painful and memorable to policymakers—Cheryl Little (left) with Senator Pauline Nguyen; photo courtesy of Cheryl’s official website.
  • Greg Siskind is as sharp as they come. He can quickly determine which argument will work best for you on any given day, depending on your needs at that exact moment in time. No matter what you are facing, Mr. Siskind will find a way to make it go away or at least delay your deportation process for a little while. Mr. Siskind has the power to save you from deportation if he decides you are worth the effort of getting to know better (otherwise, you will be just another statistic). Photo courtesy of Mr. Siskind’s official website.
  • Ivanna Lima is an immigration attorney who has been featured on CNN and in other media outlets for her high-profile cases. If you want someone with experience fighting for immigrants through all levels of the U.S. Immigration Court system, speaking multiple languages is a plus too! Ms. Lima was born in Korea and raised in Brazil before becoming an immigration attorney in the United States. She also has a license to practice law from the Florida Bar and holds a law degree from the University of Miami.
  • Luz Maria De Abreu is known for her relentless commitment to justice for clients in need. Luz has been honored by the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and she helps her clients achieve a full range of immigration benefits (citizenship, political asylum, family-based petitions, consular processing, and waivers). She received her law degree at Florida International University’s International College of Laws. She graduated magna cum laude in 2001 after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida State University. Ms. De Abreu also speaks both English and Spanish!
  • John Zielinski is known for his ability to help clients with political asylum on a case-by-case basis. John Zulinski is a graduate of the George Mason University School of Law. He is from Poland, which means he can probably speak for like half an hour straight on the subject of immigration and international law.

2. The first immigration lawyer was born in 1836

He became a member of the American Bar Association. His name was David Dudley Field. He assisted hundreds of immigrants in coming into the United States legally and at a low price. He also wrote various articles that discussed immigration law and its problems during his early years as an attorney in New York City. In 1871, when President Ulysses S Grant nominated him for Ambassador to Italy, Mr. Field accepted but never left America because there were people who wanted to assassinate him due to his anti-slavery views he expressed through newspapers at that time. He died on May 13, 1901, due to cancer.

3. Immigration lawyers have helped shape our country’s history

Immigration lawyers have freed slaves, Vietnamese refugees, and undocumented workers who became U.S. citizens through the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act signed by President Ronald Reagan. They’ve fought for the rights of abused women and children as well as those detained at Guantanamo Bay and others seeking asylum to remain in America with their families.

They are not going away anytime soon, as evidenced by President Donald Trump’s recent executive order barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., which was temporarily blocked after a federal judge granted an emergency stay issued Saturday night by Judge Ann Donnelly of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn.

4. Some of the most influential immigration lawyers include Abraham Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, and Franklin D Roosevelt

Lincoln’s story is no different than many of our ancestors who came from an area or country where being an immigrant was illegal. Moreover, he crossed the border to find opportunities for himself and his family. Once here, he learned English with the help of James Antonett (Nichols). He soon began practicing law under John T. Stuart (who later became Congressman) in Springfield, Illinois (Burlingame 21). It wasn’t until 1854 when Congress passed the first primary federal immigration law making it unlawful for slave catchers to cross into free states or cities to pursue runaways (Burlingame 30). It is widely believed that Lincoln was the main reason for this as he had previously represented African Americans in suits against slave catchers (Mead). That same year, Senator Stephen A Douglas introduced an amendment to the bill which would have prohibited the immigration of free blacks into all states. This bill, however, failed. The following year would bring a change and quite possibly a consequence that we are still feeling today.

5. As an immigration lawyer, you get to work with people from all over the world and help them make a better life for themselves and their families here in America

One such lawyer was Ronald Dellums, who served as a Representative from California’s 8th congressional district for 27 years. He created programs designed to offer legal advice for immigrants facing deportation, including a clinic known as SIREN (Service Immigrant Rights and Education Network). He also co-sponsored some of the first federal laws to prevent immigration raids at places such as schools and churches, which were passed after he left office. Another lawyer turned lawmaker was Luis Gutierrez, who served in Congress from 1993-2013 and represented Illinois’ 4th district. He also helped pass several laws, including giving Puerto Ricans living on the island the right to vote for president.

6. The future is bright for immigration lawyers as they will be shaping legislation that affects our nation’s identity for years to come!

Immigration lawyers today have a bright future! Immigration law is one of the fastest-growing and most complex areas of the law. With changes to our country’s laws coming every year, there will continue to be an increased need for legal representation as more foreign nationals apply for visas or green cards.

This trend has only started to come into view now. Still, within ten years, we’ll see immigration law become even more complex due to new technological developments that could create additional complexities in visa processing. Immigration law is changing almost daily, and with those changes come stricter requirements on who can enter the United States.

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