Things You Can Do To Reduce Noise From Entering Your Home

By admin / September 18, 2019

Noise is a huge part of nature and it’s here to stay. It can, however, be a nuisance if it’s not controlled. This aspect raises the need for people to soundproof their homes to keep away external noises from disturbing their peace and quiet. But how do you block out these external noises?

To answer that question, here are a few things you can do to reduce noise from entering your home:

1. Get An Inexpensive Soundproofing Foam

If you’re limited on how much you can spend on materials that will help you reduce the noise entering your home, you can opt to go for a cheap soundproofing foam. You can find it in local stores near you or purchase it from online vendors.

Soundproofing foam comes with a wide selection of colors to choose from so you can go for the one that matches your home’s theme color.

2. Use Blankets

It may sound ridiculous if you’ve never tried it before but blankets can come in handy in reducing external noises from entering your home and it’s also a very cheap option to consider using.

You’ll need to gather the thick blankets you have in your home then identify which door, window, or wall is bringing in external noises into your home and place the blankets on those spots. Use screws, finishing nails, or tacks to hang and hold the blankets securely. With that done, you’ll have blocked out the external noises.

3. Use Rugs

Rugs help a great deal in dampening vibrations. If you live in an apartment and have extremely noisy neighbors living one floor under you, placing a thick rug on the floor in the spot where the noise is emanating from will help block out the noise.

4. Use Curtains

Curtains are designed to control the amount of light entering your home. They also serve as a source of privacy by acting as a barrier that prevents people from seeing what’s inside your home. But they can additionally serve as soundproof.

Setting up thick multilayered curtains in your home will go a long way in minimizing the amount of external sound that penetrates into your house. The multiple layers will help dampen the noise vibrations.

5. Proper Furniture Placement

You can tactfully place your furniture in areas in your home that you’ve identified as the major inlets channeling external noises. The furniture will help break up the sound waves, making the sound energy to dissolve faster than it would if it bounced freely around your home.

You may opt to place shoe racks and cabinets near the main door that serves as an entrance to your house to break up the noise that penetrates through the door frame gaps.

For vibrations penetrating through walls, you can strategically place upholstered furniture such as an armchair or sofa set against the walls to absorb the vibrations. The furniture will serve as dampeners which will prevent the wall from magnifying the sound vibrations.


Those are just but a few techniques you can use to reduce external noise from entering your home. Do these techniques apply in a home with glass doors is the question you may be asking? To answer that, here’s some helpful information on how to soundproof sliding glass doors.

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