There’s more to London’s Square Mile than just its financial district

By admin / September 10, 2019

There’s plenty to see and do in London, and if you know where to look, there are many hidden gems. The Square Mile is famed for its financial district but let’s be honest, a trip there is going to down about as well as the value of the pound. That being said, there is far more to the capital’s Square Mile than just its financial district.

History of the perimeter

First of all, there’s the Bleeding Heart Yard that’s certainly worth a visit. This is supposedly named after an old gruesome tale about the second wife of Sir William, Lady Hatton. The Lady is said to have broken a pact with the devil and her remains were found scattered in the yard, with her heart still beating. Not something for the faint hearted.

If you are into horror, or think you’re brave enough, Amen Court is somewhere else worth a visit. Once home to the minor canons of St. Paul’s Cathedral, it’s now a hotspot for ghost-hunters with advocates arguing that it is one of, if not the most haunted area of the Square Mile. The last remaining parts of the old Newgate Jail lie here, with a large wall hiding a narrow passage known simply as Deadman’s Walk. It is where prisoners were taken to their executions before being buried beneath it.

Best of Britain

Britain’s love affair with pubs is no secret – there are over 10,000 pubs in Britain, with over 7,000 in London and Westminster alone! Sometimes, there’s nothing better than popping to the pub after a long day. And at the Square Mile, you’re able to order a pint at the Ye Olde Mitre Pub, a tavern which has been serving since 1540. And its interior is easily recognisable from films such as The Deep Blue Sea and Snatch for some good old cinema trivia.

Shop till you drop

Leadenhall Market is a beautiful Victorian covered market plentiful with food, fashion and bric-a-brac. And much like the Ye Olde Mitre Pub, its interior is recognisable from the Harry Potter films, as it just so happens to be the location for Diagon Alley. The nearby Old Spitalfields Market is also worth a visit – it offers a wide range of trendy shops and stalls, from chocolatiers to dermatology boutiques. If you’re after high-street favourites, there’s a shopping centre close by to meet all of your retail needs. And after you have shopped to your heart’s content, you can head to the Dorsett Hotel, City of London to rejuvenate.

Eat well

The Square Mile is also a great area to dine in style. You can book a spot at an array of celebrity chef restaurants, from Gordon Ramsay to Marco Pierre White to Jamie Oliver. If you’re big on steak, you can indulge in a touch of excellence at Hawksmoor Guildhall, the Michelin-starred diner. If you’re big on setting then Helix, found at The Gherkin, and Coq D’Argent, found at Sky Garden, offer stunning panoramic views of the entire city.



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