5 Brain Foods To Boost Focus and Memory

By admin / January 22, 2019
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We learn and work our whole life and it includes many activities to be followed in a routine manner, and doing homework is a big part of it. But what if we can buy homework and save our time to focus more on other important stuffs such as food? Each and everything that we do has a connection to what we eat. Our diet defines how serious we take our health with respect to our lifestyle. Food is what we cannot live without, but at the same time, it needs attention so we can perform at our best capacity. The more errands we run through, the more energy we need. Just like that, we need a certain diet to help boost our memory and focus. Be it a student, an employee or a retiree, focus and memory are of paramount importance for our day to day tasks and at every phase of our life.

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Here are 5 of the most beneficial foods that will help you boost up your brain:

1. Broccoli

This vegetable deserves to be at the top of the list. Filled with Vitamin K, that is most efficient in boosting memory, it has been a huge preference of health-conscious folks. If you care to increase your brain efficiency and help attain better focus at things, broccoli is the first to start with. Broccoli has antioxidant compounds. You can eat it with absolutely anything, be it salad, noodles, or sandwiches, this veggie has so much to offer.

2. Nuts

Cashew, Coconut, Chestnut or Walnut, all these nuts are here to save your precious time and help you out to gain focus and boost up the memory. Research has shown a comparison between people who have eaten nuts over the years and those who have not, and the results clearly showed better memory among those who have consumed nuts. Nutrients like Vitamin E provides you healthy brain activity. Not only this, they improve your heart health as well. All these benefits are driving you nuts, aren’t they?

3. Dark chocolate

Yes, you read it right, the sweet tooth is getting sweeter. Full of caffeine and antioxidants, dark chocolate is packed by brain-boosting compounds. The rich taste has been a favorite dietary food for people of all ages which is why you can use it in the cake, as a bread spread or in ice cream. Dark chocolate has been proven best for brain health.

4. Eggs

Waking up early morning for breakfast with eggs has been proving beneficiary for your brain without you knowing about it. Sunnyside up, poached or omelet has been slaying people’s heart with taste and healthy vitamins such as B6 and B12. Choline, found in egg, is considered highly helpful as mood and memory boosters.

5. Green Tea

Green tea plays a significant role in losing weight. Nut green tea is not only helpful in improving physical performance but also improving alertness, focus, and memory. Tea consists of polyphenols that protect you from a decline in mental activity. A cup of green tea every morning has helped out so many people over the ages to stay focused at their daily activities and chores and helped them remember things better than before.

To conclude, all of the above foods, with daily intake, will surely improve people’s lifestyle as their significance cannot be overemphasized. If I am to talk about myself, now I can focus better on my essay writing after having these in my diet. So, go include them in your diet from today.

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