Why Use Kiln Dried Logs

By admin / January 5, 2019


Wood drying is done to reduce the moisture content prior to use. When it is done in a kiln or a type of thermally insulated chamber, the wood is called kiln-dried lumber. On the other hand, the more traditional method of wood drying is air-drying. Wood drying is mainly done for working with wood as construction material and for burning. Learn more about the process of kiln drying and its advantages.

How is kiln drying done?

Kiln drying is artificially drying lumber using heat to quickly and effectively dry it out. It can be done directly using electricity or natural gas or indirectly using steam-heated exchangers. The logs are stacked in a chamber fitted with a device to control humidity, temperature and circulation rate. This way, the moisture content is consistently 20% or lower, thus making it more suitable for burning. The process simply sucks moisture from the wood, which takes place in about four days to a week.

Advantages of using kiln dried logs

  • Time. As opposed to seasoned or air-dried wood, kiln-dried wood is faster to dry, so waiting does not take years. Drying wood the traditional way takes years depending on the weather conditions and the type of wood. When you are about to use it for burning when cooking or heating, it also lights faster since it is drier.
  • Better wood. The process of kiln drying produces healthier wood for burning. It is because high temperature kills pathogens found in trees and wood, making the log safer for everyone to use.
  • Reduced smoke. Smoke from green lumber is unpleasant. It can even be dangerous because it can cause a fire as the burned wood coats the stove. Since moisture is significantly reduced, there is virtually no smoke because smoke comes from excess water content.
  • Hotness. Wood that has greater moisture content does not produce optimal heat. Those who use wood-burning stoves prefer efficient wood, to maximise the use and even the life of their stove, because less fuel is needed. Higher heat means using less wood and warmer temperatures in the home.
  • Longer burn time. If wood burns longer and produces greater heat, it is much better for the stove. It means less work for it to maintain the fire. Compared to air-dried wood, kiln dried logs burn longer. Homeowners can be almost sure it will burn all night after putting the last log before bedtime. It also means staying warm all night.

The type of wood used for burning is advantageous if you want to use something that is more efficient, and thus more cost-effective. Kiln dried wood is easy to use and widely available. Users also like how these logs burn cleaner compared to their air-dried counterparts. They are ready to burn any time of the year or no matter when you buy them. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of considerable advantages to using kiln dried logs rather than logs that you still need to dry when you order them.

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