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By admin / January 14, 2019
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Over 4 billion users access the internet each month, with over 3.5 billion active on at least one social media platform. There are various marketing opportunities available on the internet for brands that are interested in taking advantage of these figures. What perks does social media offer which can be used to grow your brand?

A new marketing platform

The internet is replacing traditional advertising and marketing forums. Instead of using print, television and radio, brands find it easier to use social media to develop and promote their marketing campaigns.

Social media is a popular advertising and marketing tool because it offers access to a large customer base. Even though there are many brands competing online, there are billions of users who visit social media each month. In order to meet your brand’s marketing goals, you only need to develop a great strategy for one platform, which could provide access to millions of followers.

Unlike traditional platforms for advertising, social media can create targeted advertisement campaigns to help reach users of a specific demographic. This will help increase sales from the specific group, which could improve brand performance.

A better way to advertise

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Social media’s potential as an advertising tool is underscored by its increased importance to brands. It has firmly replaced traditional sources as the best platform for advertising. Unlike TV, print and radio, social media allows brands to develop an efficient campaign that is both comprehensive and entertaining.

Usually, advertising on TV, radio and print is limited to a brief announcement that offers little value in terms of returns and user satisfaction levels. For social media, posts may be made as frequently as desired and could feature different types of content without negatively affecting the performance of the advertisement.

Unlike these other means of advertising, social media advertising is affordable. Any paid advertising strategies involved are usually effective, and can be monitored through dedicated analytics tools which are designed to track customer tendencies, engagement and preferences across the social media page or website. These paid advertising strategies are diversified to suit the respective platform and needs of the brand. For instance, you can check out tool to help boost user engagement levels for your content.

Increased customer service and interaction

As more people gain access to the internet and social media, brands are looking to grow their presence online. Research suggests that many adults are interested in keeping up with their preferred brands on social media, with up to 95% of adults aged between 18 and 35 following a brand through at least one social platform.

For different brands which are available online, this suggests an opportunity for interaction with their customers. More people will engage with their brand of choice through social media as opposed to writing letters or making phone calls. This convenience of use and prevalence among both users and brands has led to a shift towards use of social media for customer service and complaints.

In order to maximize user interaction, you should always respond to users on your social media platforms. You also need to respond in a timely manner, and to do so without being selective because of the nature of comment made. This increased engagement level will create brand loyalty among your clients, and could help improve brand awareness.

Analytics to help monitor advertising strategies

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When marketing online, you will need to develop strategies to help you achieve your business goals. For internet-based marketing campaigns, your brand’s goals may include increased exposure, more customers, or higher revenues and conversion levels.

Unlike traditional marketing strategies, social media marketing offers a range of tools to monitor the performance of each advertising campaign. You will be better able to measure return on investment for each campaign since these analytic tools help you monitor each aspect of the performance.

These tools can help you determine the most and least successful social media practices for each goal, which will help you fine tune your strategies for upcoming campaigns.

Collaboration with other brands

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Marketing your brand on social media is a day-to-day process that requires careful planning and development of content. You will need to provide great content, which may be both informative and entertaining, to keep users interested in your page and brand.

Using your own content across all posts will make your page monotonous and may affect user interest levels. However, working on social media allows you to interact with other brands as well and develop a working partnership in your advertising. Many brands will use social media to team up efforts and drive traffic to both brands.

Easy monitoring

In the past, monitoring the competition involved company espionage and highly risky processes. You may have had to wait until the date of release to find out about new products. Thanks to social media, monitoring the competition has never been easier.

While brands may still maintain some level of secrecy, the increased level of information which can be accessed via social media has made it difficult to keep a secret over a long time. These platforms are used to reveal product information, company news, development strategies and other bits of information that could help competitors reduce the advantage held.

Aside from monitoring the competition, brands can also use social media to develop a profile for their target demographic. You can follow your clients’ social media activity to determine which platform they are most likely to use, what content appeals to them and how often they access their social media. Using this information, you would be better able to develop a successful social media marketing strategy.

Final thought

Social media is a great tool for marketing for brands of different sizes. Even if your brand is starting up, you can boost its growth and build brand awareness through strategic social media campaigns. Social media will also help create great brand association through strategic partnerships with other brands.

Before making a successful campaign, you need to develop a plan to help you identify your brand goals, target demographic, platform of use and the preferred content. You will also need to develop a posting schedule to help you maximize on the visibility and rate of return for each post.


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