Ready to Quit Smoking? 5 Highly Effective Tools to Help You Stay on Track

By admin / January 14, 2019

Making the commitment to quit smoking and adopt a healthier lifestyle is the easy part. But, like any nicotine addict will tell you, sticking with that commitment is extremely difficult. Like the results of studies published on the BMJ journals reveal, an average smoker struggles with 30 attempts or more before being able to quit the habit.

The trouble with nicotine addiction is that your brain and body become so used to having the drug that it takes a while to adjust without it. Learning to live without the fix is a difficult, uphill road and different smokers face their own individual withdrawal symptoms. Although the main pressure of the symptoms lasts only in the initial few weeks, they are possibly the most difficult. If you’re thinking of quitting the habit, you may want to be prepared for both physical and psychological effects. Thankfully, there are several solutions out there to help you quit smoking and stay nicotine-free successfully one of which is vaping with the Carnival Juice Roll Upz.

Adopt any of the tools available out there that can help you with the withdrawal symptoms so that phasing out a potentially life-threatening habit becomes a lot easier.

1) Vaping with E-Cigarettes

Vaping is a technique that mimics the physical and psychological sensations of actual smoking, but with a marked difference – they don’t contain the over 4,000 chemicals released during the combustion of tobacco that you inhale during smoking. E-cigarettes and other similar vaping devices release smoke by heating organic, safe liquids like Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) that give your throat the tickle. This kick is similar to smoking, but it comes from heating a liquid with a battery-operated metal coil hence the name – E-cigarettes.

In addition to the carrier liquids, the juices that you add to the devices also have flavoring extracted from organic sources such as fruits, flowers, coffee, and tea. You can also choose from a range of exciting vaping flavors like the Carnival Juice Roll Upz and various others. Women can choose confectionery and sweeter flavors while men can opt for artificial tobacco or even whisky and beer. Such juices also contain a small percentage of nicotine that can replace the drug in the actual cigarettes you used to smoke. While the nicotine can satisfy the craving your body has, you’ll avoid the other harmful chemicals. The interesting feature of vaping liquids is that you can choose the percentage of nicotine they have.

Accordingly, you can choose higher nicotine content when you’ve just quit and move on juices with a lower percentage as your body begins to adjust to the withdrawal. Vaping can actually help you quit smoking by managing the withdrawal symptoms so that your transition to a healthier lifestyle is so much smoother.

2) Chewing Nicotine Gum

Aside from vaping with juices like the Carnival Juice Roll Upz, you can try another technique to help you quit smoking. Like vaping, you’ll introduce the nicotine into your bloodstream and brain without the risk of inhaling the additional toxic chemicals. As this feature on Everyday Health explains, you can chew gum that is flavored with nicotine. You can buy this gum at any drug store and it is available in strengths of 2mg and 4mg under the brand names of Nicotrol, Nicorette, Prostep, and Habitrol among others.

Chewing the nicotine gum to help you break the habit is very different from chewing regular gum. When you place the nicotine gum in your mouth, you must chew for a few seconds until you taste the peppery flavor. Next place the gum in the side of your cheek and allow the nicotine to seep into your blood through the tissues of your mouth. In this way, you can get help with the possible withdrawal symptoms. Over time, you can reduce the total gum you chew in a day and gradually replace it with regular chewing gum until you’ve broken the habit completely.

3) Eating Prescription Medicines

If you’re determined to quit smoking, you can also request for prescriptions of medicines that block the receptors in the brain the process nicotine. These medicines are available under the brand name, Chantix in the U.S. and are approved by the FDA. Read this article on WebMD that describes how you can try the course for an initial 12 weeks and then follow through with the maintenance course that lasts for another 12 weeks. Unlike vaping with the Carnival Juice Roll Upz or nicotine gum replacement therapy, Chantix can have some side effects. It is best that you try this strategy under the supervision of your medical practitioner.

4) Wearing Nicotine Patches

Applying nicotine patches to help you quit smoking is another effective tool. You’ll wear the patch 24 hours a day and it will release the drug slowly into your bloodstream. As a result, you will not sense any of the withdrawal symptoms. The only factor to keep in mind is that the nicotine release is gradual, but helps you prevent the cravings even when you’re in the company of other people who smoke. Similar to the Carnival Juice Roll Upz and the nicotine gum, the patches are available in varying strengths that you can choose according to the intensity of your smoking dependence.

5) Sheer Will Power

While there are various nicotine replacement solutions out there to help you quit smoking, the most effective are certainly will power and determination. Bruce S. Rabin, MD, PhD is the medical director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Healthy Lifestyle Program. He explains, “Optimism and the belief that you can do it is one of the most powerful indicators for success.” Find the right reasons to motivate yourself to give up the habit and there’s no reason why you can’t quit.

Choose from the different options available out there like vaping with the Carnival Juice Roll Upz, nicotine patches, gum, or any of the other nicotine replacement solutions. Kick the habit today and see the transformation in your health, stamina, and mental stress levels.


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