How Technology has Helped People Deal with Covid-19

By admin / November 2, 2020

People the world over have been encouraged to stay at home and only interact with the public on a limited basis. Even if you have your reserves built up, you are going to eventually need to pick up a jug of milk, a package of toilet paper, or a new pair of running shoes. Most items can be delivered at home, that is no new invention. But most does not include all, and home delivery times can vary wildly. Sometimes, you just can’t wait for that delivery of hair dye to arrive in a week’s time. Thanks to changes that have been made in technology because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are dealing with the situation a lot better.

More Services Available Online

Stores that were unable to offer home delivery are finding more services that help fill their needs. For example, a small convenience store may have been unwilling to hire dedicated delivery workers because of concerns about payroll. Nowadays, they can partner with third partner delivery services that collect orders from customers, and then fill them. Any issues concerning customer service or delivery confirmation are also taken care of by these third delivery services. Both small businesses and shoppers have benefited from this change in technology.

Nearly Unlimited Delivery Options

While buying a pair of trousers and having them delivered to your home is something that most people do fairly often, the Covid-19 crisis has had people looking to have a wider expanse of items delivered to their homes. From groceries to toiletries, people are finding that more delivery options are available. If you want something from your neighbourhood pharmacist, you can have it picked up and delivered to your home now. With Shift, shoppers can even have orders picked up from multiple stores. New technological improvements due to Covid-19 have made it possible for consumers to enjoy the convenience of home delivery of most common household purchases.

Improved Automation Leads to More Contactless Options

As people wear masks and keep their distance, it is obvious that contactless interactions are preferred. The spread of coronavirus is a top concern for consumers as numbers increase. People are choosing to go shopping during times when they believe stores will be less crowded, as well as forgoing shopping in-person altogether. Automation has helped retailers come up with more contactless options and features, such as kerbside delivery. This option is continuously being updated to help keep consumers and workers even safer.

There is still plenty of opportunity to leave home and go out in public safely. However, if you can avoid coming in direct contact with people, that is for the best. Updates to how retailers have harnessed technology have made it so that you can reduce exposure and avoid making direct point-of-sale purchases. Use your smartphone to check on the status of a delivery, and include detailed directions so you don’t need to interact with the delivery person. Everyday people are still learning how to cope with Covid-19 in their own way, but technology is making the situation much more pleasant.

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