Urban Farming: Here’s How to Get Started

By admin / November 2, 2020

Interest in urban farming is growing every year, just like fruits and vegetables! There are people everywhere looking for opportunities to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and plants in urban settings that can help the local community feed itself.

You may be wondering how you can get started yourself, and join this thriving farming community that is growing in cities and towns across the world. Here is our quick guide to urban farming, and how you can get started right away!

Join an Existing Community of Growers

The best way to learn more about urban farming, and get to know more about what is involved, is to join an existing community that is growing crops near you.

You shouldn’t have to look too far to find a local group that can help teach you the ropes and develop your green fingers. If you haven’t already stumbled upon an urban farming community in your area, have a look on the internet. There are a huge amount of urban farming resources online, including sites that help you to find urban farming groups that are looking for volunteers. Social media sites like Facebook can also come in handy when you are looking for somewhere to start.

Find a Space to Make a Start

Once you have developed your skills, and made some new urban farming friends, you may be tempted to start your own urban farm project somewhere close to your home.

This is a fantastic idea and can help you grow not only crops but also a thriving local community of committed growers. An urban farming project is a great way to lift the spirits of your friend and neighbours, and gives young people something they can get involved with and learn skills that will last them their lifetime. Look for local allotments that may be available for you to make a start there. Get in contact with local community groups too, they may have some unused space and would quickly see the benefits that an urban farming project can bring them.

Get the Right Equipment

To begin any farming project, you are going to have to spend some money on equipment. This isn’t a cost, however, it is an investment. Spend wisely and the things you buy will pay for themselves quickly.

The start-up costs of an urban farming project shouldn’t be too high. You may need some materials to build raised planters from, or some soil or compost to help get things going. At Progrow.co.uk you can find a range of propagation equipment and seeds that can help you make a start, and at incredible value too. Spend a little at the start and soon your urban farm will be completely self-sufficient, making its own compost and seeds for you to use next season.

Urban farming is really easy once you make a start. Once you have the right skillset, you can begin a farm anywhere, and help you and members of your community to provide fresh and healthy vegetables for everyone to enjoy without having to spend their hard earned money at a supermarket.


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