Shoei vs Kabuto Helmets

By admin / June 4, 2019

Both Shoei and Kabuto have been in business for decades, and each brand prides itself on making state-of-the-art helmets for the most avid bikers. There’s no shortage of creativity and innovation in either company, but some riders may prefer one over the other. Here’s a breakdown of Shoei and Kabuto’s similarities and differences.

How Are Shoei and Kabuto Similar?

As manufacturers of some of the best head protection on the market, Shoei and Kabuto have some pretty high standards to meet. Both companies use powerful wind testing to make sure they’re getting the absolute max in aerodynamic capabilities. Reduction of drag makes for faster speeds, and that’s a win for any thrill-seeking rider.

With these helmets, you’re also getting smartly designed ventilation systems. These direct air in and out to warm and cool you, depending on the current weather conditions.

When it comes to style, there’s no denying that both brands have it. For the cooler, sleeker look, you can find plenty of neutrals to give you touch of edginess, but the variety of colors and patterns makes it so all bikers can find designs that speak to them.

How Are They Different?

It’s not hard to see that Shoei and Kabuto have superior skills in creating motorcycle helmets. Despite that, there are some differences to watch out for:

  • Applied technology
  • Price
  • Availability

Though both companies are backed by mad technological skills, they each apply it different. Kabuto constructs its helmets using its own Advanced Composite Technology, which results in a helmet that is equally lightweight and durable. Meanwhile, Shoei helmet visors increase visibility through a wider field of vision and superior protection against debris and UV rays.

Pricing may depend on the exact model you choose, but Shoei helmets tend to run a little more expensive. They are, however, much easier to find in the United States in comparison to Kabuto helmets.

In the end, both brands have a lot to offer to bike enthusiasts. Think about the things you value most and choose the label that works best for you.


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