Awesome Photo Spots in Los Angeles

By admin / June 4, 2019

Are you a traveler planning to take good pictures in Los Angeles? Are you worried about the best places to take good pictures in Los Angeles? Worry less because Los Angeles is one of the most breathtaking places in the world. The city has a lot of significant places that are well respected in the world and taking pictures in such a city should be very easy even if your camera is not in good shape. Los Angeles is good for picture taking because many photographers in the city are always at good spots to take pictures of people at low prices. Few places where you can take perfect pictures in Los Angeles are:

Alfred Coffee – this coffee joint is one of the most patronized and well-organized coffee joints in Los Angeles. They have a lot of unique and attractive features ranging from the colorful entrance and walls, variety of coffee, well-behaved workers to their specially made awesome coffee cups. At the coffee shop, most people there are foreigners who want to take perfect pictures, and one good news is that the workers at the bookstore also make it part of their duty to guide people who want to take pictures. Their uniqueness makes the coffee shop one of the best places to take pictures as pictures taken there will look beautiful, simple, and unique.

Micheltorena stairs – Are you there thinking about what is so special about ordinary stairs? Don’t worry because micheltorena stairs will blow your mind away. These stairs are unique because of its very awesome painting; pictures on these stairs always look as if they were taken in paradise. The micheltorena stairs are the favorite place for lovers and couples because of the heart paintings on it, which depict love and unity. The stairs are long enough for a lot of people to take pictures; it is also surrounded by trees, which makes the brightness very perfect for taking pictures.

OUE Skyspace – If you are thinking about the best place for aerial view pictures in Los Angeles, you do not need to go through a lot of stress because there is OUE skyspace which is a skyscraper deliberately made of transparent glass. The structure makes it possible for tourists to view the city from the top of the building. Aerial view pictures are one of the most sought after types of pictures which make the OUE Skyspace a favorite hotspot to take pictures. Hope it is safe to be there? If this question is going through your mind, you are definitely among the 70 percent of people that do get scared of going to the OUE skyspace. The fact about this building is that it is very safe because the type of glass used in building it is even stronger than normal bricks.

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LA Public Library – Los Angeles library is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. It is a unique library because of some reasons. The library is located at a building which looks more like a cathedral, and the library setting looks a bit like a museum, which is why the library is called “book museum” locally. Posing for pictures in this library is not forbidden, unlike other libraries; it is allowed but must be done without noise. The beauty and uniqueness of the library make it a perfect place to take pictures.

Beverly Hills hotel – Beverly Hills hotel is one of the most popular and most rated hotels in the world. It has been used in a lot of movies and music videos due to its popularity. The hotel has a very beautiful front view; the palm trees are well pruned and arranged, and the various beautiful flowers all come together to make the front view of the hotel awesome. Taking pictures in this hotel may be great because it shows the class and beauty of nature. Thousands of people come to Los Angeles yearly just to lodge in this hotel and take beautiful pictures which makes it one of the best places you can take pictures in Los Angeles according to thousands of good testimonies.

MOCA: Wondering what MOCA is? MOCA is the abbreviation of Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles; it is a very beautiful museum with various artifacts and precious artworks, the museum is open to taking pictures which makes it a well-patronized museum due to the number of people coming every day to see the museum and take pictures. This could be a nice place to visit and also take pictures with kids.

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