How Can You Best Smoke Cannabis: Your Essential Guide

By admin / September 20, 2019
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Consuming cannabis can take many forms; you can smoke it, eat it, and so on. But how you consume or smoke it is important – the method of delivery can have an essential impact on its effect and how much you can enjoy it as well. If you would like to take complete advantage of the effects of cannabis – both mental and physical – then it follows that the way you consume it plays a central role. Of course, it will ultimately depend on your preference, but if you are considering smoking as a great way to get the desired effects of cannabis in your system, here’s how you can best smoke cannabis: your essential guide.

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The delivery methods

As mentioned, the delivery methods of cannabis can vary: you can ingest it orally, topically, or through inhalation. But when it comes to inhalation, there are several methods as well. So what are these methods? Let’s find out.

The basics of smoking it

Smoking is the most common and popular way of ingesting cannabis, and the ancient peoples have done this since time immemorial. Nowadays, however, there are methods such as vaporization, which offers those who smoke an alternative option of ingesting cannabis. You have more than a few options when it comes to devices as well, and these include hand pipes, hookahs, water pipes, and, of course, rolling papers. You can even make use of homemade disposable devices. Each of these options or choices can have their own merits and can give you different experiences, and they can also have an influence on the grade of the smoke you inhale.

The hand pipe method

Hand pipes are quite common amongst those who use cannabis, and they are convenient indeed – they are small and portable, and anyone, even beginners, can use them with ease. Hand pipes also add a personal touch to your cannabis experience, and you can choose various designs both for functionality and decorative purposes. A hand pipe operates by catching the smoke that is produced by the cannabis as it burns, and you can then inhale this smoke.

The water pipe method

You can also make use of a water pipe when you smoke cannabis, and water pipe variations include bubblers and bongs. Just like the popular hand pipe, water pipes come in various styles, sizes, and designs, but they function by boiling water to help produce smoke. Some would say that the use of water for producing vapor has some health benefits because the water can cool down the smoke, but this is still up for debate.

The rolling paper method

When it comes to rolling paper, a lot of consumers have their own preferences as well. When you use rolling paper, the resulting product would be called a blunt or a joint. A joint is cannabis which has been rolled in a piece of paper, and its composition can vary – it can be comprised of different plants, for example, which include not only hemp but also rice and bamboo. A blunt, on the other hand, is cannabis which is also rolled in paper (often cigar paper derived from the tobacco plant) which may also include nicotine. Those who prefer blunts do so because they like the effects of both cannabis and nicotine. Nowadays, if you don’t have time to roll your own blunt or joint, you can buy pre rolls – which are just as their name implies; the cannabis is pre-rolled, and you can even choose one based on its effects, which include an aid for sleeping, mood elevation, relief from anxiety, and relief from pain or stress. Happy smoking!


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