Guide to Slipping Into the Conference You Weren’t Invited To

By admin / September 19, 2019

Guide to Slipping Into the Conference You Weren’t Invited To

Studying suicen is one hell of an interesting process if you do it the diverse way. Sure, most of the time we dedicate to learning things by ourselves. But even if you’re a solitary cat it’s very useful to update the information you already have with live reports of other people.

In this article, we’ll have a look at two possible ways of slipping into a conference as a spy. The one that involves a preparation process and the one that doesn’t.

Prudent Scenario

The best and the unfailing way of doing that is to register to a conference in advance. Sure, there are plenty of those that are free. But there are also those, which are organized primarily for the students of a specific university. Here are the do’s and don’ts for that shortcut.

It is important to enter your real name. So that in case they buy into a story that you left your student ID in pockets of other jeans, you could verify your identity by showing your regular ID.

In the rest of the fields of the registration form (such as faculty, major, year of study, etc.) – you can and should enter whichever believable information suits your needs.

If you are then notified that your registration was successful, all you have to do is to show up. Get your pass, sit back and listen how mad can scientists get while arguing with each other.

But if you receive no feedback or “your name is not within our base” message, you will need to look through the wikihow’s article on how to be stealthy and none the following information.

Spontaneous Event

Sometimes you find out about conferences almost too late. In that case, you simply have no option to prepare for it in time. If you got information about the conference unexpectedly and on the day of the event, it still doesn’t mean you’ve missed a chance to visit it.

This mission is a lot harder. But that is exactly what makes the sense of thrill priceless if you manage to get it (even if it turns out to be easy).

Show up on time when there will be plenty of people. By entering the building with a crowd it’ll be easier for you to stay unnoticed. Right in the hall of the institution, you will find the answers to the main questions:

1. Do they check everyone or there’s a half-ass level of control?

2. Are there any tourniquets?

Whether or not both of the answers are advantages for you, do not abort the mission. Carefully take a picture of a fire escape plan (if tourniquets are not right at the doors), and go outside.

Wait it out
As you may study the plan of the building in the fresh air, look for a visitor who is leaving the building prematurely. If s/he is not a greedy paranoid, you’ll be lucky to enter with her/his bracelet or badge card. In most cases it doesn’t include the picture of its owner. And if you know the deal it may be easier to get a pass from a person of the opposite sex.

The feeling that you will get right after they say you can go in is incomparable. The last things that will be on your list are the hardest. Try your best not to burst into evil laughter, while jumping around and giving yourself an expressive high-five at the same time.

If Someone Tries to Expose You

That will never happen, once you got in and you play by the rules. But let’s get prepared for that sneaky security move just in case.

Most people won’t care whether you’re an intruder, or not. So don’t even move a muscle if someone tries to become a white knight. There’s no point to become aggressive as well. Sticking to a calm attitude will automatically make the rest of the visitors like you.

If security asks you to leave and tries to escort you to the exit – stay in the building as long as you can. Do all that you can and see where it leads you. It can happen in one of the two following cases.

1. During a break between conference reports
Loudly repeat the following phrase: “I just want to learn more in this field of study!”. Add humor to your ramble. The contagious laughter of people will make some of them want you to stay. Your fanaticism in their field of study will be interpreted as nothing but a compliment.

2. During someone’s report
It all depends on the mood of the speaker. Appeal to that person. Your goal is to turn her/him on your side. The best way of doing that is to express your desire to listen to the rest of the report. And do not make it look sarcastic. It can be a difficult task. But if you handle it, the reward can be huge. The speaker will remember you and might even introduce you to his colleagues

If none of the methods work, and/or you didn’t like the conference anyways, the aforesaid tips will always help you to get to another conference. Perhaps, it will be less boring, more exciting, more challenging and interesting to sneak in.

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