What is Conveyancing and Fixed Fee Conveyancing?

By admin / September 20, 2019

If you’re unsure of what conveyancing is, continue reading to discover everything that you need to know about the conveyance process and dealing with a conveyance lawyer or visit Convey Online.

What is conveyancing and fixed fee conveyancing:

Conveyancing refers to the legal process which occurs when a property lawyer starts the process of transferring a property’s title deed from the seller’s name to the buyer’s name. If you choose to purchase a property, your chosen conveyance lawyer will ensure that the seller and their lawyer have met all their legal obligations, before the property’s title deed is transferred from the seller’s name to your name. Furthermore, a conveyance lawyer will also ensure that you are meeting all of your legal obligations as a buyer.

The term fixed fee conveyancing refers to a fixed fee which many conveyance lawyers offer their clients. If you’d be more comfortable selecting a lawyer who is willing to offer a competitive, fixed fee for their conveyance services, it’s a wise idea to select a lawyer who offers a up front fixed fee conveyance service.

Is it necessary to hire the services of a lawyer to purchase or sell a property?

Yes, as a buyer or a seller you’ll be legally required to have a lawyer handle the conveyance of the property which you’re looking to purchase or sell. The reason why it’s necessary for buyers and sellers to deal with conveyance lawyers is in order to ensure the rights of both parties. So if you’re currently interested in buying or selling a property, it’s a wise idea to start searching for an experienced conveyance lawyer.

When does the conveyancing process start?

You may be wondering when the conveyancing process starts. Essentially as soon as you make a legal offer for a property or an individual makes an offer on a property which you’re looking to sell, the conveyance process has begun. The conveyance process will continue until the date upon which the keys for a property are officially transferred from the previous owner to the new owner. This means that any negotiations which are made after the first offer is made is also part of the conveyance process and should be supervised by a qualified lawyer.

Is it necessary to speak with the buyer or seller’s conveyance lawyer?

If you were curious about whether you’d have to have any interactions with the buyer or seller’s conveyance lawyer, the simple answer is no, you don’t. Instead you’ll have to rely on your own conveyance lawyer to express your interests to the buyer or seller’s conveyance lawyer. Effectively both lawyers involved will act as intermediaries for yourself as the buyer or seller of the property in question. So you won’t have to worry about having to negotiate with another individual’s lawyer as your own lawyer will speak to them on your behalf.

Does the conveyance process take a long time?

No, while the conveyance process may seem like a long winded process, as conveyance lawyers handle such tasks on a daily basis, the conveyance process may not take as long as you think. Especially if the individual who is the seller in the situation has requested a quick sale.

Hopefully all your questions surrounding the conveyance process and conveyance lawyers have been answered in the information which is listed above.

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