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By admin / April 23, 2019

The composition of water differs widely with respective local geological conditions. Whether groundwater or surface water, both has never been chemically pure H2O, since these water contains small amounts of gases, organic matter and minerals of natural origin. The fact that water may contain some constituents which are undesirable is the point of departure for making regulations and guidelines for drinking water quality. Say thanks to epidemiology and advancement in microbiology, so is in chemistry since the 19th century, numerous waterborne disease resultant agents have been identified. Now here comes the water purifier, which provides most possibly pure and healthy water to drink. People need to drink water to survive. But if water is not treated well, or filtered, properly, it can make them very sick. There are no disadvantages to water filtration. Moreover it’s essential for healthy drinking water, though sometimes it has some shortcomings because this may not remove every possible contaminant from it.

Water purification system

Pure, safe and clean drinking water isn’t available easily nowadays. Bursting population, industrial development along with environmental degradation are all reasons for this. In this given situation, it becomes more important for human being to be aware of purification techniques and the available water purifiers in the market to ensure that their drinking water is of good quality. A lot of minerals are present in natural water and are important for the human body though consuming an excess amount of this can causes many disease. A good water purifier removes the suspended particles, microbes, and excess salts, and retains its essential minerals and vitamins. Although with so many water purifier manufacturers in the market in these days, it is difficult to choose which one is good, which isn’t and which meets necessary standards and demands. Water purifier in the way where it first suck up raw and contaminated water, filter out its impurities ranging from sediments to micro-organisms and lastly dispense clean and safe drinking water. Some purifier uses chemicals and some uses an electro-static charge to kill and/or capture viruses.

Common elements removed by water purifier

  1. Arsenic: Nowadays, mostly in rural areas ground water contains dangerous levels of arsenic, which is a powerful carcinogenic, thus linked to an increased risk of the development of several kinds of cancer.
  2. Aluminium: In most urban area municipal water which is typically unfiltered can lead to an increased consumption of aluminium. It is a metal that has been linked to skin problems, liver disease, hyperactivity, Alzheimer’s disease, learning disabilities in children, and so on.
  3. Disinfection By-products (DBPs): These are harmful elements that causes by disinfecting water with chlorine, which is indeed a powerful carcinogenic.
  4. Fluoride: It is commonly known that fluoride is associated with improving oral health. But it can actually cause various kinds of health problems including weakened immune system and cellular damage which accelerates aging.

Water purification and its resultant purified water works in following manner:

  • Purified water is healthier than distilled water or alkaline water.
  • It tastes better than tap water.
  • Purified water protects human body from disease as well as leads to overall better health.
  • Purified water removes giardia and cryptosporidium from drinking water and accordingly helps to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal issue by more than 33%.
  • Purified water is very important for children’s developing immune systems.
  • Water purifiers are the last line of defence between the human body and over 2,000 known toxins which municipalities may not be able to clean.
  • Purified water is eco-friendly, thus better for the environment.
  • It also improves skin hydration.

Aquaguard and its manufacturer

Eureka Forbes Ltd. is now India’s leading health and hygiene brand. It is a multi-product, and multi-channel Company. It is a part of Shapoorji Pallonji Group, its’ product portfolio encompasses mostly water purification with other health and security solutions. It has a customer base of 20 million happy faces, a reach of over 1,500+ cities and towns across the country and a global footprint around 53 countries. It is the most popular Healthcare brand in India, which believes purity is the greatest source as well as the safest route to a healthy life. Along with Asia’s largest direct sales force, it has dealer and channels, and the most expansive service networks in this country. Here one need to know only Aquaguard repair near me number to lodge their query or complaint. Aquaguard is basically a flagship water purifier brand of Eureka Forbes. It has been conferred with numerous Indian as well as international awards for its superior technology.

Aquaguard after sales service

In modern era water purifier is important for human to live a healthy life because it gives them totally pure and healthy water. So everyone should have their own water filter for home use and for office use too. About 30% of world population is still not getting pure drinking water as they don’t have water purifier system. In this given situation, the chance of getting ill by the water-borne diseases are extremely high. Several surveys shows that every year approximately 3 million death occurs due to only water-borne diseases. So to protect himself from water-borne diseases, one need to install water purifier. Aquaguard water purifier provides its user the best water purifier at an economical price though the water filter cost list may vary based on the quality and types of technology it involves. Water purifier price also depends upon the quality of water and the city it is selling at. Aquaguard is outstanding amongst other accessible purifiers for the purifying of drinking water for private or say its modern utilize. With the expanding contamination in the water, it has turned out to be unsafe to drink water without encourage treatment. The untreated drinking water accompanies numerous contaminations including hurtful microbes, infection, synthetic compounds, and numerous others which prompt various destructive water borne illnesses. In addition to these lines, with Aquaguard Customer Care, get 24×7 and 365 days help in regards to installation or working help of one’s water purifier. What one need to do is, to search in internet – Aquaguard service near me and will get all the details regarding its services.

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