Get Yourself and Your Family Ready for the Big Move With This Helpful Guide

By admin / April 22, 2019

The average American will move 11 times in their lifetime.

Moving is also one of the top 5 most stressful events people can experience in their life.

What makes moving so stressful? Probably the number of variables involved and the degree of uncertainty. Fortunately, with proper planning, relocating to another state can be done seamlessly and without causing major stress for you and your family.

The ability to move around the country with relative ease is one of the coolest parts of modern society. Even though moving can be stressful, people continue to do it.

If you’re planning to move, keeping reading for some of our top tips for making the big move. 

Supporting Your Spouse

Usually, when the decision is made to move to another state, one spouse is making a sacrifice.

The decision to move is usually based on the interests or employment of one partner. The other partner might be giving up their job or leaving friends and family to support their spouse.

This is normal, but it’s important that the spouse who may be sacrificing receives support and guidance. Reassure your spouse about the move and help them understand how moving will benefit them and the family.

Make sure everyone is on the same page and offer continued support throughout the journey. 

Telling the Kids

Breaking the news that the family will be moving is often hardest on the kids.

Children, especially young ones, experience an uproot of the only world they have ever known when they move for the first time. Their home is usually their entire world.

They associate where they live with love, support, and safety. Imagining this no longer existing is especially hard on them. 

When it comes to older kids and teens, they can also experience major stress about a move. Older kids are more solidified in their lives in your current town. When you move, they will be leaving their friends, their school, and their routine. 

Making the Move Easier

So how do you make the move easier on your kids? Maintain an open line of communication with them.

Talk to your kids and teens about what they are feeling and reassure them that everything will be okay. Invite your kids to come along to look for new houses and take them to see the local schools.

Come prepared with information about where your kids will be going to school to give them a clear picture of what the future holds.

Encourage your kids to collect contact information for their friends and mentors. Thanks to the internet and social media, staying in touch is easier than ever.

Consider allowing your kids to host a going away party to say goodbye to their friends in the area. 

While some of these ideas might not be appropriate for younger kids, the same principles still apply.

Be open to questions and inform your children of fun facts about the city you are moving to. Kids often feel like they have no control over the situation, so anything you can do to make them feel involved will go a long way.

Finding a New School

When you’re moving with a family, one of your top priorities is probably finding the best school for your kids in your new state.

Many families choose the exact area they move based on the quality of the school system. Whether your kids will be enrolled in public or private school, choosing an area known for its schools will be beneficial in the long run.

Unless you are homeschooling, consider doing some research on the school statistics for the area you are moving to. 

Moving Your Pets

Pets are part of the family too, and they will be just as stressed by the experience as their human counterparts.

Moving pets to a new state takes planning and consideration. Visit your veterinarian before the move to make sure your furry friends are in good enough health to make the move.

Talk to your vet about the best way to transport your pets and how to make the move less stressful for them.

When your pets arrive at their new home, do everything you can to help them adjust. Pets have much shorter lifespans than us and it’s likely your pet is leaving the only home they’ve ever known. 

Planning the Logistics

When it comes to moving to another state, moving your stuff can be especially stressful.

Moving across town is much easier, as you can usually move your own belongings. When you are making a major move, you may need to entrust your belongings to a moving company or storage facility.

When it comes to choosing moving companies and storage solutions, doing your research is important.

The internet is a great place to go for reviews and recommendations on companies all across the country. You will feel peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe in the hands of a reputable and trusted company. 

Relocating to Another State

There is no question that relocating to another state can be stressful for all members of the family. However, with proper planning and consideration, moving can be a fun experience that opens up a new world of opportunities for your family.

Being able to move across the country is something not to be taken for granted. Once the kinks are worked out, your family will find happiness in a new place waiting to be explored.

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