The Next Big Thing in Loft Stairs

By admin / April 23, 2019

If you’re one of those people who regularly keep up with trends in home designs and furnishings, you know that there are some trends that rarely, if ever, change. Loft stairs are like this – they’ve stayed relatively unchanged for the past decade, and only now we’re seeing some movement coming from the industry. There is a new loft stair design that’s getting popular, and you should read on to find out what architecture it is, why it is getting en vogue, and what that might mean for your house’s design.

The Compact and Retractable Loft Stair

That’s right, the compact and retractable loft stair is taking the home design business by storm. But what is it that makes a loft stair compact and retractable?

A compact loft stair is one that’s designed with space and practicality in mind. One that’s created to fully function without any issues, but also take up as little space as possible. Basically, a compact loft is one that puts functionality over design, and that’s why they’re usually more uniform in their looks and don’t impose themselves on the room they are in.

A retractable loft stair is one which, naturally, can be easily retracted when not in use. This also contributes to saving space and giving you more control over your house. Retractable loft stairs have always been popular, but their major issue is the amount of maintenance they need.

So, a compact and retractable loft stair is one that has both of those qualities.

Why Is It Getting so Much Attention?

Chances are, you were affected by the real-estate bubble burst that happened in 2008, but that wasn’t just a huge blow to the economy in general – it changed the face of real estate for a long period. One primary change you might’ve noticed is that there is much less capital going to the real estate sector and, subsequently, there are fewer and smaller houses being built compared to the pre-2008 era.

As we mentioned how effective this type of loft stair is in not taking up extra space, is it any wonder that in a world where housing space is at a premium, they’ll rise in popularity?

But, it is not only how much space the loft stair would save, but with what kind of attic it is used that’s been the major factor in them becoming vastly more popular.

Previously, attics were used either as storage or as an extra room, and when you used them as an extra room, you had to consider a lot of things to make the attic comfortable, e.g. what kind of windows you installed, air ventilation, and, naturally, the type of loft stair.

But lately, they’re being used mostly as storage spaces to dump all the unnecessary furniture and house appliances in. Typically, you don’t really care what kind of loft stair you install when you only use it as a storage area. You go for the option that is the cheapest and takes the least amount of space. These two factors have been the main driving force behind the rise of this design.

Should You Use It in Your Home?

If you have a spacious home and an eye for unique designs and asserting rooms, you shouldn’t feel pressured into buying into this new trend, which is mainly driven by the economy. A regular loft stair will do the job, and most likely be more stylish.

On the other hand, if you want to go low-budget and save some space inside your house, this trend will surely make you happy. Many millennials are starting to become homeowners and they don’t care about extravagant designs – just a stair that functions well, and you’ll be able to ride the trend they are setting to get an excellent deal on a compact and retractable loft stair.

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