7 Reasons to Use Environmentally Friendly Water Bottles

By admin / August 17, 2020

Did you know that over 60 million plastic water bottles are discarded in the US every single day? According to the same source, that equates to over 22 billion bottles a year.

That’s a frightening statistic from an ecological perspective. After all, from the crude oil used to make them to the harm that discarded bottles cause to marine life, disposable plastic bottles take an enormous toll on the environment. Thankfully, though, there’s an easy solution to the problem:

Buying environmentally friendly water bottles instead!

Reusable bottles make a positive difference to both the world and day-to-day life in a whole host of ways. Want to learn how? Keep reading to discover 7 key reasons to use eco-friendly reusable water bottles.

1. You’ll Cut Down on Waste

As we know, billions of disposable plastic bottles are produced (and thrown away) every single year. Even worse, though, only a small fraction of them get recycled.

With bottle production exceeding the capabilities of recycling centers, the vast majority end up in landfills, being incinerated, or littering our waterways.

Thankfully, eco-friendly water bottles suffer no such problems. They’re hardy, durable, and reusable by design. You can fill the bottle up, put it in one of those backpacks with water bottle holders, and stay hydrated without having to buy pre-bottled water.

That means less waste, reduced consumption, and a lower carbon footprint to boot.

2. You’ll Save Money

The environment isn’t the only thing to benefit from using eco-friendly bottles though. Your bank balance will thank you too.

After all, this single purchase can provide years of value.

You can reuse the bottle over time, reducing the need to buy expensive bottled water. Talk about a good investment! You could save thousands of dollars over the course of the reusable bottle’s lifetime.

3. You’ll Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is downright essential to overall health and wellbeing.

Heck, the vast majority of our bodies are made from the stuff! Furthermore, you only have to go a few days without water before you literally die of thirst. In the shorter-term, staying hydrated keeps you cool, improves your mood, facilitates focus, and has a host of physiological advantages too.

Having a reusable water bottle makes it ten-times easier to stay hydrated.

You’re no longer reliant on going to the store to buy pre-bottled water. Instead, you can fill up your bottle throughout the day, sip on it as you go, and enjoy all the perks in the process. It’ll remind you to drink more and make it possible to do so too.

4. You Can Control the Contents

Many people think all water’s the same. It’s just water, right!?

The reality’s actually quite different. You can find a significant degree of variation in terms of the mineral content (not to mention, on occasion, waterborne contaminants). Some of it’s better for you than others.

When you’re buying pre-bottled water, you have no say over what you’re drinking. You get what you’re given and that’s that. A reusable water bottle gives you back control.

You could fill it straight from the tap. We suggest running it through a good-quality filter and refrigerating it beforehand though. That way, you’ll filter out any harmful contaminants and end up with delicious, cool, pristine water that’s full of the minerals you need.

5. You’ll Enjoy Numerous Practical Perks

Buying a good-quality reusable bottle comes with a host of practical benefits too.

For one thing, many of them are solid, hard-wearing bottles that’ll stand up to rough treatment. In other words, you have a solid way of carrying water that won’t let you down. They won’t scrumple, crack, or leak in the way that disposable alternatives tend to.

Then there are the insulating qualities to consider.

Take a plastic water bottle from the fridge and it won’t stay cold for long- especially on hot days. But many eco-friendly options have double-walls and a vacuum insulated construction that keeps cold fluid cold (and hot fluid hot) for the entire day!

6. You Can Cater for Your Needs

That practical value we just mentioned comes in handy when you have specific needs to cater to.

For example, a flimsy plastic bottle might be fine when you’re hard at work in the office. Yet it’s far from ideal when you’re out backpacking, camping, or on a multi-day hike. You’d need something altogether more durable to withstand the rigors of the trail.

You might also want a bottle with a special water filter in it. You could then drink direct from any water source you found without having to boil or treat it first.

All told, reusable bottles offer a greater degree of versatility and functionality. You get to choose a bottle that meets your exact needs in the process.

7. You Can Show Your Personality

There’s no limit to the number of environmentally friendly water bottles available these days. They come in all manner of styles, sizes, functions, shapes, and colors. The result?

You can pick one that shows off your personality!

Like the clothes on your back, you can select a reusable bottle that makes a statement, catches the eye, and stands out from the crowd. The same can’t be said when you’re choosing from a range of disposable water bottles in the store.

A related benefit of this is the ability to distinguish your bottle from others. You’ll forever know which bottle is yours, which isn’t always possible with disposable options.

Time to Buy Environmentally Friendly Water Bottles

Disposable plastic water bottles cause a terrifying amount of ecological damage each year. Billions of them are made and disposed of around the US every year, leaving a trail of trouble in their wake.

It’s about time we made a change! Hopefully, this post has highlighted the primary advantages of buying environmentally friendly water bottles instead. Want to read more articles like this one?

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