Selecting the Best Gaming Mouse In 2020

By admin / August 17, 2020

Buying the right gaming mouse is a struggle in itself. The task requires you to consider a lot of factors including the feel it provides while it is in your hands, the way it looks and the button arrangement. You want all the required functions within your reach. Besides this, the quality of the sensor and wired or wireless are considerations.

These minor details have a major impact on your gaming performance and the performance of the mouse itself. You can look for the best prices and mouse options online as well. One of the most secure internet services that can help you do your online shopping in is Spectrum. Order Spectrum internet services using el número de spectrum. You can get the most secure shopping environment for your mouse and enjoy features that will blow your mind. Here are some options that you can select from:

Razer Basilisk V2

This is a wired mouse for users who like the old-fashioned wired mice for gaming. The mouse has thin and braided SpeedFlex cable, the fast and smooth performance that comes from the PTFE feet that helps the mouse to slide smoothly on your mousepad and LEDs that add the fancy factor to the mouse. The mouse has a small size including the removable sniper button which is quite reachable. The scroll wheel of the mouse comes with adjustable tension. All in all, you will find almost all the features that you find in any expensive mouse by the same brand.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed

This is one of the good gaming mice for discerning gamers who consider every little thing when it comes to their gaming gear. It is very comfortable to use and is good for fast and accurate performers who don’t want to lose a target or a battle against their opponents. If you think that you can invest a considerable amount of money on gaming gear, this might be the right thing to spend your money on. The mouse is not only limited for performance for gaming only, but it also performs really well and smoothly if you want to use it for general tasks as well, unlike other models that might not offer you a good grip or bounce response when you tap on them. If you are reading something on a page, you use the scroll wheel that staggers down the pages step-by-step. The feature makes this mouse more versatile for instance if you scroll down your inventory when you are playing a battle strategy game. You can find other features like the Hero 16K sensor that supports a wide range of sensitivities that adds more to your gaming style. Apart from that, you can find more gaming-friendly features including PTFE feet that ensure smooth movement for your mouse.

BenQ Zowie FK2

This mouse has an edge over other available gaming mice in the market. You can find some really cool looking thumb buttons on both sides. The mouse has some exclusively built features for right-handed gamers. If you are a right-handed gamer then this is a must-have gadget that you would love to have. Apart from that, left-handed players can also use this mouse with some low-profile features that offer high-performance options. The good thing about this device is that it doesn’t come with a too high price tag. You can find almost any size and you can also adjust the DPI and a few other settings on your mouse. When you will see the mouse for the first time, you might find this device to be flooded with buttons, but they are carefully arranged around the mouse so that you can find all the buttons within your reach.


This might be one of the best wired mice that offers a lot of features but you might feel that the device will make you weary if you are in a battle that might take long hours. You might feel that you have an extra extension for your hand and perform really well in games where you are required to use the utmost precision to complete your mission. The design of the mouse is meant to provide support to the palm in case you are a gamer with flat fingers. Hence, the mouse becomes a very handy tool that can operate and provide you enough space so that your fingers that are used the most when you are using the mouse from dangling off. All in all the RAZER DEATHADDER V2 can get you the most comfortable movement even if you need to make the most sudden and precise movements. Another key component of the mouse is that you can have the customizable macro buttons and multiple buttons that you might use the most within your reach. You can have an advantage over other games by using the Focus Plus optical sensor with 20,000 DPI and around 650 inches of travel/second. Apart from that, the mouse has Speedflex braided cable that uses a different kind of fabric and knitting patterns adding durability and more attraction to the device.

Key Takeaways

There are so many mice that you can have a look at online. You can find all of these mice very easily on Amazon at affordable rates. For an expert and professional gamer, getting a mouse that can cost you around $100 or $150 is a good investment. It will add more comfort, performance and durability when it comes to satisfying your hunger for playing games like LoL, PUBG, Dota and others.

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