5 Signs You Are in Need of a Wellness Checkup

By admin / February 4, 2019

People go to the doctor for many reasons, but for the most part we only set appointments when we’re feeling something is odd with our bodies. If you really care about your health and want to live a healthy lifestyle, you should make it a point to get checked out regularly at credible centers like The V Institute. Don’t wait before it’s too late. Getting a regular medical checkup annually allows you to know the overall state of your health. It also helps you identify risk factors for chronic illnesses, detect possible diseases, and update your clinical data. If you’re not in the habit of going to the doctor regularly for a wellness checkup, you should at least look for signs that you need to pay a visit already. Here are 5 signs that say you should go for a wellness checkup already:

1. When you enter your 20s and 30s

If you’re a young adult, there are important medical tests you must undergo to maintain your health. As we age, our bodily functions decline and so does our health. When you go to the doctor, several items will be checked. Your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol profile, your vision, and your immunizations are just a few. For women, pelvic exam and pap will also be recommended. These are just some of the routine checks you have to undergo in order to know the status of your health.

2. When you’re experiencing chronic pain

Pain could mean a lot of things depending on its gravity, target, and frequency. There’s basically two types of pain, acute and chronic. Acute pain is the normal kind of pain. We feel it when we’ve been hurt like when we break a leg, cut our thumb, or accidentally touch a hot plate. That’s okay. It’s the body’s normal reaction when it’s injured. That said, acute pain doesn’t last long. Chronic pain is another story, though. It’s the type of pain you feel even after you’ve recovered from an injury. Sometimes it lasts of weeks, months, some even years. And it’s definitely the type of pain you want to consult a doctor too. A pain that lasts for weeks, especially one that is not caused by an injury, should be treated as an emergency.

3. When you’re experiencing a symptom of a possible illness

There are hundreds of medical symptoms out there that could mean several things. There’s pain, headache, fever, swelling, bleeding, cough, colds, and so on. If you experience a combination of them and you don’t know why and it starts to affect your daily activities, you better rush to the doctor to get checked.

4. When you’re family planning

We cannot stress the importance of going to the doctor when you and your spouse are thinking of expanding your family. If you’re just starting out with the whole concept, you’ll find that a family planning clinic provides sound advice and several services that could help you plan your lives for the better. Family planning is important not just for couples who want to give birth, but also for couples who enter into a relationship without plans of marrying in the future.

5. When you are pregnant

Of course you will have to consult with a physician when you’re pregnant because it’s a very sensitive matter. Prenatal care is important to ensure the health of both the mother and baby. Apart from the medical care you get, prenatal care also endeavors to educate future parents about pregnancy, childbirth, and also gives counseling and support.

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