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By admin / February 5, 2019

The C++ online test enables to assess and analyse the participants’ knowledge and understanding of the language. The test mainly focuses on the C++ language and also tests their ability to use parts of the C++ Standard Library. This test is ideal and very helpful for employment screening. A good developer does not just solve problems using C++. A good developer is someone who is able to recognize and leverage the functionality accordingly, as provided by the Standard Library, thereby writing maintainable and robust code. The C++ online test revolves around the participant solving problems in C++ and finding and fixing bugs in the C++ program. By qualifying this test with good scores, the participant is eligible and better sought after for C++ Developer, Back-End Developer, and other related job roles. The questions in the test are very premium and contain unique and handcrafted questions.

Employers can easily assess the applicants’ knowledge of C++ easily using the C++ online test. Here are some factors they can analyse in detail,

  • C++ Programming Basics
  • Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Concepts like Pointers, Memory Allocation, Data Structures, etc. and their knowledge
  • Development and debugging skills

Employers are also able to go for customized versions of the C++ online test. Using customized tests, the questions are more personalised according to their requirements. This way, the answers are not available elsewhere as well, if in case the test gets too frequently used. Personalised and customized tests help to find the right person in accordance with the job requirements.

The C++ online test is designed in a special way to cater to the skills a good C++ developer is expected to possess in any hiring company. It makes the hiring process simpler and swift. Some key job profiles these tests might be useful for are,

  • Software Developer C++

He is the one who possesses good knowledge in the C++ language, which is frequently used as conjunction with Linux, Java, Ruby, UNIX, and others. These developers are skilled in developing, evaluating and designing computer programs which are technical and of high level. These types of developers assist with the business requirement and help in using object-oriented specifications.

  • Junior C++ Developer

A junior C++ Developer is expected to be familiar with basic development tools like the compiler, debugger, version control system and linker. Though they are not expected to know C++ very extensively, being able to delve into problems and fill in the gaps is a plus and is more favourable for the employer.

  • C++ Application Developer

A C++ Application developer often works with desktop and mobile applications. They also work with software that interacts with the hardware and low-level system resources. Using C++ to build native modules and applications for several platforms like Android is also required.

Employers are able to create their personalised test and invite candidates to take the C++ online test. The candidates take the test as request and the results are sent over to the employers and accordingly, they are shortlisted and selected for interview and further filtration process. Having a good score in the C++ online tests is a must if you are aspiring to take up roles circling around the program.

How to prepare for C++ online test

  • Learning and knowing about the syntax
  • Be aware of common items and their usage.
  • Know common pitfalls

You need to have a solid foundation of data structures/algorithms. These will assist you greatly in solving coding related questions. Here are some recommended topics which will help you prepare,

  • Coding interview questions and analysis
  • Gfg
  • Leetcode

The language parts of the questionnaire can be easily answered by being familiar with C++. Though is a hard language to understand and grip on to for many aspiring candidates, it is usually a must-have feature. It is because the language offers vast uses and corner cases. You can also go for books which will aid you with the learning process. Some recommended topics are,

  • Learning about the Basics of C++
  • FAQs about C++
  • More effective learning of C++
  • The geeks by the geeks – C++ Programming language

The above list will give you the basic required knowledge and will have you well equipped with the necessary knowledge. However, if you want to take it further, you can also learn about the Standard Template Library (STL), C++ Template Programming, C++ Design Patterns and so on. You can also take several practice tests before the main test. As all tests are centred about analysing your C++ skills, it is very recommended that you take some mock tests online. The usual targets of the C++ tests are references and pointers, explicit, Const correctness, standard library, overloading, class design, polymorphism, inheritance, and virtual functions. Along with these, you can also expect memory management, perfect forwarding, auto, macros, flow control, and exception safety. By practicing these sectors of C++ and taking online mock tests which are based on these will help you sharpen up your skills and hone them perfectly. By doing so not only will you excel in the test but also gain enough experience and exposure to what the industry might expect out of you. You should also be prepared to solve the problems with a decent amount of time. Most online tests are timed and if you are taking too much time to get the answers right, it might also end up weighing down on your results. To avoid such a thing, you can time your mock tests and allocate timings for sections suitably. Some mock tests have timing feature themselves making it easier for you. With an adequate amount of practice and knowledge, you will be able to excel these online tests easily making you more preferable to the employers. If you are just curious to know about your C++ skills as well, online C++ tests are a great choice to test it out. It will help you analyse how good you are with its detailed report and also enable you to prepare better for where you are slacking.

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