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By admin / February 4, 2019

Often new users playing free slots for fun  are confused in numerous terms. Most casino games are easy to understand. However, this is not always the case when it comes to terminology and the colloquial expressions used.

To help you stay abreast of this terminology, we offer you a list of the most popular online casino terms, as well as their definitions.

General expressions


Whales are highrollers who play at the highest rates and can lose several million dollars or euros in a couple of hours. There are very few “whales” in the world, therefore there are special departments in luxury world casinos that are engaged in the search and attraction of such players.


The random number generator RNG is used in all gaming machines, roulette, poker, video slots and other types of entertainment gambling directions. Casinos that support the fair play policy and payout transparency have standard generator settings (a certain random number generation algorithm), which gives players a chance to win. RNG certification is necessary in order for the clients of the gambling site to be confident in the reliability and integrity of the online casino.


eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance) is a non-profit organization created to protect players and maintain standards in the online gaming industry, with particular emphasis on fair and responsible approach. eCOGRA’s task is to establish certain reliability criteria and then check various gambling establishments to ensure that they meet these criteria.


Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) is one of the basic indicators in the gaming business. The formula for calculating it is simple: the sum of all bets minus the sum of all winnings. This figure reflects the amount remaining in the casino as a result of the game of visitors, but before the repayment of any operational costs of the project.

Casino Interface and Software

Software – software required to run slots.

Lobby – the main page of the site of the playground. Here you can make a first impression about the club, choose a gambling application, go to other pages of the gaming room, etc.

Bank, cashier – a place to enter / withdraw money from gamblers.

Registration, Sign up – identification of the visitor, in which visitors leave their personal data (full name, email address, etc.) in a special form.

User Name – user-selected nickname in the game room. In rare cases, he may be appointed by the administration of the playground.

Deposit, Cash-in – transfer or place of storage of user’s funds in the club.

Cash-out – withdrawal of available funds from the player’s deposit.


Board games and slot machines

Chip – used in the gaming room chip. Denomination is different – from $ 0.1 to $ 100.

Coin is the currency of gambling sites, the cost of which is most often in the range of 0.1 – 5 $.

Bet – the rate that users make. On the slot machines button with this inscription is necessary to select the denomination.

Bet Max – the highest value of the bet, which is possible on the simulator.

Bet One is the smallest bet value (for example, a gamer puts a coin of the minimum nominal value on just one slot line).

Ante is a bet in some card games (usually in video poker).

Paytable is a table in which the cost of each symbol and winning combinations of the emulator is written, as well as bonus games and the amount of possible winnings are described.

Bust – the term is used when playing blackjack after a player or dealer has won more than 21 points.

Wild is a special character that complements the combination that has fallen on the slot reels, to a winning one. On one emulator there can be several similar special characters.

Scatter is a scatter symbol. When a certain number of similar pictures appear (usually from three to five) on the simulator screen, the user receives a bonus game (most often, free spins).

Spin – in the terminology of gamers, this word is most often used in the meaning or “game”.

Jackpot – the main prize, which is available to any user who has received the rarest combination on the simulator.

General Casino Terms

Bonus – an additional prize for gamers who fulfill certain conditions of the playground. In slot machines – one of the special prize symbols.

Wager – a certain number of bets that must be made for wagering bonuses.

Dealer is an employee of the gambling platform, playing on the side of the casino against gambler. In the online casino dealer only participates in live entertainment.

High roller – a major player in online and offline casinos, whose financial capabilities allow him to make huge bets and play at very high limits.

7777 slots – classic gaming machines with a traditional symbol in the form of three sevens.

There are also other online casino terms that can be learned, but these are probably the most famous. Now that you know their meaning, you can speak the same language as other experienced players around the globe.

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