5 Popular Hand Bangle Design for Ladies

By admin / June 28, 2019

Bangles are definitely one of the most coveted pieces of jewelry for women and they can go a long way in holding a look together and add the right dose of style and substance in the attire. While there are many hand bangle design to choose from, there are some which are always more popular than the others and they never go out of style. Here are some of them:

  1. Floral pattern: The classic and vintage floral pattern on bangles will never go out of style. The intricate flowers and leaves crafted through the entire length of the bangle as it encircles the wrist is one of the most coveted looks for the ladies. Whether they are crafted in gold with meenakari work, or they are encrusted with diamonds and other gemstones, this design surely tops the list.
  2. Animal Pattern: There are a number of bangle designs which have animal motifs built into them. For those who prefer a more edgy look to their jewelry and are not afraid to go bold, there are options like snake heads and cheetahs that are often built into the motifs. There are other animals like a running horse, or an owl, which are also quite popular these days. These pieces are mostly inspired from Egyptian and African motifs and are very popular among youngsters.
  3. Geometric Pattern: The geometric patterns look sleek and they are most preferred as office wear and day wear. Diamond bangle designs for ladies often use them as they are very sleek and modern and small squares, hexagons or even circles are used in very interesting manner throughout the body of the bangle for a most stunning effect. The patterns are mostly abstract, but look very trendy nevertheless.
  4. Temple Jewelry Pattern: The temple jewelry inspired bangles are more fitting to be flaunted during traditional festivities like a wedding or during a ceremony during a festival. Since these bangles are inspired by temple jewelry, there are often Indian gods and goddesses carved on to them and they create a very regal look. These bangles are also no doubt quite heavy, and so they are mostly reserved for very special times of the year. Having a pair of such bangles in the collection will definitely make you the center of attraction in your next family gathering.
  5. Contemporary Patterns: The modern working woman, on the other hand, wants to look feminine and feel powerful at the same time and the right piece of jewelry can definitely make that happen. Daily wear and office wear jewelry are very sleek and trendy and they are mostly comprised on neat lines and sleek patterns, with very little ornamentation. Some choice gemstones, like diamonds or emeralds, are used sparingly, but they go a long way to make an impression.

You can have one of each in your collection and mix and match them with your outfit. They will be great add- ons to your attire and are sure to make heads turn.

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