Can you trust the home pregnancy test results?

By admin / June 27, 2019

The mere thought of opting for a home pregnancy test can be a nerve cracking affair. All the more so when you are not sure about the results. You should be aware of when and how to take the test and consider some of the pitfalls you need to avoid.

When is the right time to opt for a home pregnancy test?

Most of the home pregnancy tests go on to claim their accuracy on the first date of a missed period or even before. But accurate results are possible if you wait for the first date after your missed period.

The reason why you are asked to wait is the fertilized egg attaches itself to the implantation and goes on to produce the HCG hormone. This is a hormone which is found in your urine and blood samples. Otherwise negative first response pregnancy test may arise where you are pregnant and the opposite result emerges.

In the early part of pregnancy, the concentration of HCG is known to double once in a couple of days. The earlier you opt for the test harder it becomes for you to detect HCG. Also you need to keep in mind that an ovulation cycle could vary from month to month, and the fertilized egg could transplant on to the uterus at varied times. This could have an impact on the HCG production and when you can go on to detect it. If your periods are irregular you could end up miscalculating on when it is due.

The onus is on you to confirm the pregnancy straight away and considering on how far you are in the stage of pregnancy the doctor might ask you to opt for an ultrasound. Even a urine test could be repeated and a blood test could be suggested to check the HCG levels.

Different types of pregnancy tests

In case of most tests you dip a stick into your urine as it changes colour. Even a plus or minus sign may emerge. The instructions have to be followed correctly on the time frame you need to wait in order to opt for a test. Some tests are having a colour indicator. If one test does not contribute to the necessary results you can always try with other test.

There are some home pregnancy tests which prove to be more sensitive than the others. What happens is that the levels of HCG to be detected in your urine samples are relatively low in case of certain tests. Before opting for the test check out for the instructions and follow them in order to obtain a correct accuracy of the test. If you do not follow the instruction a possibility of negative first response situation could arise.

The accuracy of the home pregnancy tests

Most of the home pregnancy tests state that they are 99% accurate. If you have obtained a negative result and feel you are pregnant repeat the test after a week.

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