7 Gardening Activities That Can Help Kids Learn

By admin / June 8, 2020

You hate that your child loves playing in the dirt, but what if it could end up being productive? Introducing your children to gardening may not get rid of the mess they make, but it can teach them valuable lessons.

Kids who learn about gardening learn how to follow directions and be patient while also learning the value of living things and the food they eat. It is never too early to teach your kids about the world we live in by showing them how ecosystems work. Not only are they learning, but they are also having fun while doing it.

Here are 7 garden activities for kids to learn with.

1. Start in the Window

Garden activities for kids don’t have to take place in an extravagant area. A small yard will do just fine. The smaller and simpler it is, the easier it will be to teach your children to learn something while they are gardening.

If you have a large yard, focus on a small area when you have your kids gardening with you. They will be able to maintain interest easily and not get overwhelmed. Once they are more comfortable with garden activities, move on to bigger areas.

You can also start small by beginning inside the home. Plant things like beans or flowers in a cup placed on a window sill that gets plenty of sunlight. A small project like this is the easiest way to teach your child about the basics of gardening.

This way of teaching gardening will allow them to learn about soil, sunlight, and water. If your children gain interest from this activity, move on to planting vegetables or an outdoor flower garden.

2. Plant What They Like

The best way to keep your children interested in the world of gardening is to let them plant what they like. If your child has an interest in flowers, plant those. If they enjoy eating vegetables, show them how they can make their own.

Basing the activity on their interests will allow kids education in gardening to grow. For kids who love flowers, find ones that bloom quickly so that they can see the results without a long wait. For those who enjoy eating what they grow, find something that can grow fast and be harvested again like lettuce and spinach, to name a few.

For a fun and festive activity, have you and your children grow your pumpkins around Halloween. Garden activities for kids can be enjoyed in every season.

3. Shop for the Right Tools

Shopping may already be a fun activity for your children. Who doesn’t love getting a new toy?

Shopping for the right gardening tools can be just as enjoyable. They are getting new toys to play in the dirt and make something grow.

There are a lot of child-size toys to choose from. Make a fun activity out of it by letting your kids choose their tools.

4. Plant Fruit Seeds

Kids can enjoy planting their fruits just as much as watching those quick vegetables grow. A fruit seed garden can act as it’s own little garden.

The fun thing about this activity is that kids can use the seeds from the fruit they already eat to start this garden. Once your children get an idea of how gardening works, this is a great activity they can do on their own to feel accomplished.

5. Create a Butterfly Garden

Kids love butterflies so why not create a butterfly garden. A variety of colored plants in a spot where the sun shines directly can attract butterflies to a garden.

Gardening with kids may be difficult at first, but promising them they are going to see beautiful butterflies in the area can keep them excited. Butterflies are attracted to certain plants such as cosmos, verbenas, bee balms, butterfly bushes, and more.

Don’t forget that butterflies need water too! Add a water dish, such as a birdbath, to keep the butterflies hydrated during their visit.

Think about the caterpillars too. Parsley and dill plants can be food for caterpillars to eat so that they can turn into amazing butterflies right in your garden.

6. Compost

Yes, kids are messy and there’s nothing you can do about it. Might as well use their messy tendencies and put them to good use by teaching them to compost!

Good composts can include dead plant material such as dry leaves, twigs, and sticks. It will also include household items your kids might already be making a mess with like vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, eggshells, and more. Those compost items can be layered with soil that will attract earthworms and other organisms that can break down materials.

The best way to start out composting with your children is by making a small one in a plastic bottle. A two-liter bottle will work best for this activity.

Your kids will learn about the environment in ways they haven’t heard before. Converting their waste into a nutrient-rich soil will make kids appreciate the life cycle and better understand the chemical process.

7. Plant Without Soil

Not all gardens need soil to make things grow. If your children have learned everything else about gardening, throw them for a loop by introducing gardening without soil.

Deep Water Culture is an efficient way of growing plants as it is done in water. The process of growing plants and even vegetables without soil has been done for centuries.

This method of growing is easy to set up at home. Kits can be purchased online that provide you with everything you need for the deep water culture system.

Try Garden Activities for Kids Now!

The perfect time to try garden activities for kids is now! The summertime will call for your children to be outside every day, so teach them gardening for something to do.

Your kids will find gardening to be a fun activity while also learning in ways that are more interesting to them. If you like what you’ve read, don’t forget to keep coming back for more articles like this!

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