Why Are Vertical Blinds Becoming More And More Popular?

By admin / August 27, 2019

Blinds have always been the best way to cover windows at homes as well as offices in a very stylish manner. Often overlooked in the past, the demand for vertical blinds is increasing day by day as people finally realize how practical they are at maintaining privacy along with providing a fashionable touch to your home and office.

Let’s look over at a couple of reason why everyone loves vertical blinds.

Easy to Clean

Dirty blinds and shades can give off a very cynical look and require cleaning at least once a month. Due to their design of hanging vertical slats, vertical blinds don’t accumulate a lot of dust particles when compared to standard, horizontal shads and so they require very minimum cleaning.

All you have to do is to vacuum it with the right attachment and whatever little settled dust will be cleaned right away.

Work Very Well with Sliding Doors

Window coverings for sliding glass and patio doors need to be chosen carefully as door are used regularly. Blinds that are both durable and easy to clean are the most suitable, and that’s where vertical blinds excel the most. If you’re looking for blinds that open from side to side providing with the option to tilt them as per your requirement, vertical select blinds offer a wide range of designer color and style that give off an elegant look to your interior.

Best Suited For Wide Windows

Unlike window drapes and shades, vertical blinds offer two modes of operation. They can either be opened from side to side, and they can also be opened by turning the slats. Vertical blinds do a better job at blocking sunlight as they can cover wider angles than horizontal blinds. You can also control how much sunlight you want to allow as you can adjust the slats.

Vertical blinds can cover surfaces up to 6m wide and 4m tall in one headrail. A window of this size would require multiple shades if vertical blinds are not used. Also, as it opens and closed sideways, so the weight of the blinds is of no concern, unlike horizontal blinds.

The slats used to make vertical blinds are generally thicker than horizontal blinds which block sunlight in summers and traps heat in winter more efficiently.


If you are using vertical blinds as a way to cover large windows and sliding doors, vertical blinds are the best option for you. When compared to roller shades, drapes, woven wood panel – vertical blinds will always come out as the cheaper option of the lot.


One of the most eye-catching features of vertical blinds in the array of color and materials they come in. These blinds can either be fabric, wood, or hard vinyl, offering different options for décor and interior of your home or office.

Fabric blinds are among the most beautiful, but if you want something easier to clean, you can go for vinyl ones which are also more resistant to stains. There are also some drape-shaped vinyl vertical blinds which give off a drapery look if you want something unique.


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