Blinds Or Curtains? Which One Wins

By admin / July 18, 2019

Home décor is extremely fun, especially when you’ve just moved. After all, who doesn’t love going out and buying all new items for their house?

But, then there comes the argument with yourself and others over what to get and what goes where. A recent survey discovered that most couples had come to a disagreement over their home décor, with 46% of them starting over paint colours.

But, that’s not the argument we want to talk about, ours is the age-old blinds vs curtains debate.

From pink blinds to grey curtains and ones with patterns of varying length and thickness, the war can rage on for weeks. That’s why we’ve highlighted the pros and cons for each below for you.



  • Excellent for light as you can choose designs such a Venetian to allow both light and shade in at the same time – also perfect for stopping glare on the TV. Blackout blinds will also help you sleep longer.
  • They fit into the window, meaning they won’t trail onto the floor.
  • Very easy to clean as many material ones are wipe clean, while Venetian ones just need dusting.
  • They’re almost child-proof as they’re wipe clean, and once they’re up, children can’t reach them.


  • Depending on the style, they can cost more than curtains.
  • If you opt for plastic blinds, they can break much easier.
  • If you don’t clean them right, this can damage them when it comes to certain designs featuring wood or aluminium.



  • Can be safer if you have children or pets due to the lack of cords.
  • They don’t need to fit exactly to the window, as they can overlap on the edges.
  • They can keep the warmth in during the winter and heat out during the summer, which is something blinds aren’t great at doing.
  • They are easy to clean, as they can be removed and placed into the washing machine.
  • You can swap them out easier due to them being cheaper and not made to measure, meaning you can also move them from room to room.


  • If you have pets, the chance of getting hair stuck to them regularly are quite high. However, this also applies to dust and general bits that may be floating around the house.
  • They can make a room look smaller, which isn’t great if a room is already small.
  • Light can filter through them easier due to them not fitting exactly to a window, which could be a negative when it comes to sleep.
  • If you use them in the kitchen or bathroom, they can become mouldy.

And there you have it, the pros and cons of both blinds and curtains. So, before you go shopping, have a read and make an educated decision on what’s right for your home and avoid the arguments altogether.

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