Public or Private Schools: Which Is Best for Your Child?

By admin / August 26, 2019

When your child starts attending school, it can be an extremely exciting time.

You get to plan school lunches, attend after-school activities, and hear stories about your child’s day each week.

Your child deserves the best education that can be offered. How can you know if that is a private or a public school?

If this sounds like something you want to learn about, keep reading to see if private schools or public schools may be better for your family.

Benefits of Public Schools

While many people may think that private schools are automatically better, there are some factors that you must consider before you make your choice.


Public schools have a huge advantage over private schools because they have better teachers on average.

Private schools tend to have more new teachers and this is mainly because private schools offer better salaries and benefits. 

However, more seasoned teachers that really know what they are doing and have been around longer will likely be in the public school setting. This experience carries over into better quality teaching for your children.

Public School Cost-Effectiveness 

Public schools are paid for by taxes and beside a few smaller fees, they are generally free. Besides paying for small things, a lot of families appreciate that they don’t have to pay for much when their children go to public school.

This is obviously a huge benefit that public schools have over private schools because a lot of families struggle with money.

One year of private elementary schooling for a single child is about $8,000. A year of private high schooling would be a little more at $13,000. 

These costs vary depending on the type of private school the child is attending, but as you can see, they can be pretty high for a family to deal with.

Some public schools, such as charter schools or magnet schools, have a lot of the perks that private schools may have as well. This may be a good option for your children if a specific curriculum is what you are looking for.

Regulated by Government

One of the things that many parents like about public schools is that they are funded via government and taxes, meaning they must follow regulations that are in place.

If a public school does not follow regulations, they will get in trouble and they know it. Public schools are required to follow these rules in order to continue operating as a school.

Private schools have much more leniency in terms of what they need to do and not do with students in the school. While this can be a good thing, it also can mean that parents don’t know exactly what their children are being taught. 

Benefits of Private Schools

While public schools have a lot of benefits, private schools have their own benefits to consider as well. 

Private School Curriculum

Because private schools are not under the government’s supervision, they can offer curriculums that suit their focus. 

If your child wants to study art or music, for example, some private schools build their school curriculum with those focuses in mind. Public schools are more focused on core classes, such as science or math, but private schools don’t have to be.

A lot of private high schools actually focus on preparing kids of college by offering more advanced courses, better extracurricular options, and gifted studies classes as well.

Class Size

The class size is very different when you’re looking at private school versus public school. The student to teacher ratio is an important factor when you’re looking at a quality education for your child.

In public schools, the average class size is at least 25 kids, but in private schools, the average class size is closer to 19.

Although 6 or so kids might not seem like a lot, it makes a big difference in terms of the classroom experience.

Paying for Private School

There is no getting around it. A private school can be extremely expensive in some cases. 

You are paying for extra amenities that public schools are unable to offer, however, and this price is worth it for some families that want that more specialized experience for their children.

Many private schools offer payment plans and discounts available for families that need them as well. If you feel like your family needs this service, you have to speak with the school upfront to see what can be worked out.

Religious Preference

If you want your children to have a religious values-based learning environment, a private school is the best option. 

The separation of church and state comes into play with public schools, but it does not apply to private schools in the same way. 

There are a lot of private schools that are religiously based, but there are also plenty that are not. Whatever your child needs in terms of religious exposure is up to your judgment. 

Which Is the Best Type of School?

Whether it is private schools or public schools, each family has different educational needs. Not all children are the same and because of this, they will thrive in different environments.

Choosing the best academic course for your child may seem difficult, but when you look at all of the pros and cons, you likely will see which side is better for you. 

If you want to learn more about how to find the best education for your kids, check out our blog posts to see if you can get more information. It may help you make a great investment in your child’s future! 

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