The Ultimate 60 Minute Spring Clean for Your Home

By admin / July 31, 2019

We’ve all had that moment of terror realizing that guests are due in an hour’s time and the house is a tip. Here we give you some quick and easy suggestions to get your house looking good again. And even if you’re not expecting guests a clean house will make you feel better about your space and more motivated to keep it that way. So, don’t delay, put the timer on for 60 minutes and see how much you can do, you’d be surprised once you get going how easy it really is.

Focus on the kitchen first

This is generally the most difficult room to clean and often the dirtiest and grimiest!

Blitz through the dirty dishes first. If you have a dishwasher rinse and pack the dishes in and then get down to the scrubbing the pots and pans. Always leave the pots and pans till last so that the grime and grease from them don’t get transferred to less grimy dishes.

Don’t forget to give the surfaces a good wipe down with a disinfectant product to leave the kitchen smelling good and sparkling. Once your kitchen is in a better state, you’ll already feel 100 times better.

Pack away clutter

Are your kid’s toys lying all around the house? Or unread books or magazines and dirty cups on the coffee tables? Go through the house and clear all the surfaces so you can give them a good wipe down.

Clean and clutter-free homes just feel better to be in and there are health benefits too. Your guests will feel so much more comfortable knowing that they don’t have to wrestle with 10 teacups to find a place to put their cup down, or have to remove a squeaky toy from the couch just to have a seat.

Vacuum those dirty rugs

We all have one of them! If you don’t have time to vacuum the whole house focus on the rugs that are in the most prominent places such as the lounge or passageways.

All great vacuums have a vast variety of vacuum cleaners that you can choose from. If mobility is an issue for you they even have robotic vacuum cleaners that will do your dirty work for you so you don’t have to bend down for hours at a time. These smart vacuum cleaners will maneuver around your house so you can get on with more important tasks.

A microfibre cloth is your friend

Don’t waste money on cloths that don’t work. A few microfibre cloths are worth investing in – they last a long time, clean well, and are easy to wash. Just soak them in a bucket overnight with some detergent and pop them in the washing machine the next day.

Shine up the bathrooms

There’s nothing worse than a dirty bathroom, so don’t neglect this space. It’s probably on par with the kitchen in terms of prioritizing.

Wipe down all the surfaces with a good disinfectant product and add a few drops of lemon oil on shower doors twice a month to ensure the water runs off smoothly leaving no stains. Don’t forget the toilet! While you are cleaning the rest of the house disinfect the basin and let it stand. Once you’re done with the rest of the house go back to it – you’ll find it much easier to clean having left it for a little while.

Put out some fresh flowers

There’s nothing nicer than having some fresh flowers out on the dining room table or somewhere visible in the house. It just creates a nice ambiance and makes the house look friendly and homey. You may even want to consider buying some inexpensive oil diffusers so that a pleasant scent is in each room. You don’t need to spend a fortune to give a good impression a few things like this show care and attention to detail.

We hope these tips have helped you to see that it’s quite simple to give your home a good spring clean in a short amount of time. Remember your home is your personal space in the world so try to make it a special space by adding things you love.

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