The Top Tips to Remember When Designing a Bathroom

By admin / October 16, 2019

What if you could design the perfect bathroom?

Most homeowners don’t exactly love their bathroom. That’s why bathrooms are usually the first choice when it comes to an expensive home renovation.

However, no renovation is necessary if you get it right the first time. Keep reading to learn our top tips for designing a bathroom.

Efficiency First

Chances are that you have all sorts of wild bathroom design ideas. However, before you really dive in, you must make efficiency considerations.

For example, do you know how many walls you want your layout to have? Do you know where things like drains and vent stacks and water lines are going to go?

These little details are admittedly not the sexiest part of home design. But your bathroom is like any other room of your home: it needs to be functional and not just fun.

Once you have a good handle on basic plumbing and basic layout, you can move on to these modern design ideas.

Corner Sink

Where should the sink go in your new bathroom? Believe it or not, corner sinks are becoming increasingly popular.

It’s possible for standing sinks (even smaller ones like pedestal sinks) to get in the way when people are coming in and out of the bathroom. In this case, bad design can make even a decently-sized bathroom feel pretty small.

A corner sink that is across from your toilet, however, creates a clear path for everyone to walk. And it leaves plenty of room for the people who are getting into and out of the shower, making this a really guest-friendly design feature.

Wall-Mounted Lights

The bathroom is more than a place for you and your guests to do their business. This is also where everyone “powders their nose” and generally makes themselves look presentable again.

Because of that, lighting is very important. Our suggestion is to use wall-mounted lights that are around your eye level. For best results, have one on each side of the mirror and another light right above the mirror.

The principle here is simple: this arrangement lights the entirety of someone’s face while removing all shadows. The final result is a reflection that is both honest and flattering at the same time.

Shower Curtain: Oldie But a Goodie

You’ve probably noticed the major trend of sliding shower doors. But unless you are setting up a spa shower (more on this in a minute), we recommend sticking with the old-fashioned shower curtain.

The simple fact is that a sliding door takes up a lot of room. While every bathroom could benefit from extra space, smaller bathrooms have a particular need to remove anything taking up too much room.

Adventurous designers can also make the shower curtain pop as part of their overall design. It’s a great way to add a welcome splash of color to an area that may otherwise seem overly drab or formal.

Freestanding Tub

The bathtub is the natural focal point for any bathroom. If you have the space, a freestanding tub is the best way to take advantage of this focal point.

There are many freestanding tub options, so you can find the look that most suits your style. Some people like the Victorian appeal of a clawfoot tub while others like a statuesque tub built directly into the ground.

Finally, the simple act of moving the tub away from a wall or corner opens up a lot of space in the bathroom. It can make the whole area feel larger to visitors.

Vanity: Style or Practicality

With a vanity, you have multiple options. It mostly comes down to whether you want style or practicality.

Floating vanities are a more practical option. They make the space look bigger while also providing a convenient area for you to store additional things.

Floor-length vanities are a more stylish option. They give you more room to be creative with the vanity. This is important as it is often the first thing that your visitors see.

It’s important to understand all of your vanity options. Be sure to visit this website to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The Spa Shower

Earlier, we mentioned how shower curtains are usually superior to sliding doors. The exception is if you are installing a spa shower.

As the name implies, this is a shower intended to recreate the relaxing experience of a spa. You should have multiple horizontal and vertical showerheads capable of massaging bodies, heads, and so on. And don’t forget special features like the rain shower setting.

Such spas are expensive and take up a lot of room. However, nothing quite screams “luxury” like relaxing in one of these each night!

Counter Over Toilet

Sometimes, the best design ideas are the simplest ones. Here’s one of our faves: extending the counter above your toilet.

When done right, this extension doesn’t affect toilet placement or get in anyone’s way. And it actually adds some room for various bathroom accessories.

At the same time, this helps to provide your bathroom with a very sleek and modern look. When you can combine convenience and style, you know the idea is a good one!

The Right Cabinets

Our last bit of design advice is equally direct and simple: pay close attention to your bathroom cabinets.

It’s easy to get caught up focusing on things like the toilet and the bathtub. However, the color and material of your bathroom cabinets determine the entire tone of the room.

Wooden cabinets, for example, can give the room a more natural look and feel. Black cabinets, meanwhile, create a modern and striking contrast with a porcelain toilet.

By designing with the cabinets in mind, you create a look and style that is both bold and consistent.

Designing a Bathroom: Next Steps

Now you know what tips to follow when designing a bathroom. But do you know how to make sure the entire renovation is a major success?

We specialize in bringing you the latest news in lifestyle, technology, travel, and more. To see how we can help with your next renovation project, check out our Home Improvement section today!

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